Former President Donald Trump has assigned a new legal team to fight the Senate impeachment trial against him after he reportedly parted with his previously announced defense lawyers.

“45th President Donald J. Trump today announced that highly respected trial lawyers David Schoen and Bruce L. Castor Jr., will head his impeachment defense legal team, bringing national profiles and significant trial experience in high-profile cases to the effort,” reads a new statement from the Office of the Former President.

The statement, released on Sunday, Jan. 31, explains that Schoen has already been working with Trump and other advisers to prepare for the upcoming trial.

“Both Schoen and Castor agree that this impeachment is unconstitutional—a fact 45 Senators voted in agreement with last week” the office continues.

According to the statement, both new lawyers consider it a privilege to represent the 45th president in the trial, which is scheduled to start on Feb. 9. The Democrat-led impeachment trial is seeking to convict Trump—now a private citizen—of high crimes and misdemeanors.

“The strength of our Constitution is about to be tested like never before in our history. It is strong and resilient. A document written for the ages, and it will triumph over partisanship yet again, and always,” Castor said.

Trump assigned the new legal team after five of the previously announced lawyers left his impeachment defense team over a disagreement on legal strategy, just more than a week before the Senate trial, the Gateway Pundit reported.

The former president is likely to be acquitted in the trial next week after 45 Republican senators did not support a motion questioning the constitutionality of impeaching him. It means that if the vote holds, the Senate will fall well short of the two-thirds majority needed to convict Trump.

A number of Republicans, including Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and former Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller, have denounced the planned trial, saying the attempt to impeach a president who has already left office is totally unconstitutional. A majority of American voters also believe that the trial will only serve to divide the United States further.

In addition, no documents in the Constitution mention anything about impeaching and convicting a former president.

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