Former First Lady Michelle Obama refused to defend former Vice President Joe Biden at an Essence Festival on Saturday, July 6.

When asked for an opinion on the controversial issue related to federally mandated busing in the 1970s between two hopefuls Democratic candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, Obama replied, “I’ve been doing this rodeo far too long and no comment.”

Earlier, former President Barack Obama also held off on an endorsement of his former running mate. According to Michelle Obama, “It’s very early” to decide whom they are going to support and “things will change” after the primary process.

“The general election is so important that we have to get behind whoever comes out of that primary, so we’re watching everyone,” she continued.

Biden, on his side, has recently faced a lot of critics for apologizing too much during his campaign.

“Joe Biden went out and apologized for being male, over 50, and white, and he apologized for the one good piece of legislation that is an anti-crime bill,” former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said in March, referring to a crime bill Biden helped pass in the 1990s, reported the Daily Caller.

Kamala Harris backtracked on busing in which she hammered Biden at the primary debate. She likely wants to go further by pressing him over remarks he’s made on the campaign trail about working with Democratic segregationists early in his career.

Biden responded to this issue during a speech in Sumter, South Carolina, on Saturday, “Was I wrong a few weeks ago to somehow give the impression to people that I was praising those men who I successfully opposed time and again? Yes, I was, I regret it. I’m sorry for the pain and misconception I may have caused anybody.”