Former U.S. Attorney Joseph DiGenova said former FBI Director James Comey “established a standard of misconduct” at the agency “with his own behavior.”

“The people under James Comey knew that he wanted to exonerate Hillary Clinton so she could be president and they [also] knew that if she lost [Comey] wanted to figure out a way to frame Donald Trump along with a lot of other people,” DiGenova said in an interview with OAN.

That’s why the Comey-era FBI lawyer, Klein Smith, took an email from the CIA saying that President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign adviser, Carter Page, was one of his assets and reliable and he modified that email to say he was not an assent nor reliable, DiGenova argued.

Many officials believed that they could do this kind of thing and that they would not be held accountable because of all their superiors: James Comey, Andrew McCabe, etc., “were part of a scheme to frame the president of the United States. Framing Carter in that FISA warrant was part of the process of framing the president,” he specified.

Now, instead, thanks to the investigation of Inspector General Michael Horowitz, DiGenova continued, “We now have a wealth of information about the FBI’s misconduct and the senior DOJ officials under Obama.”

DiGenova said he was not surprised to learn that both the FBI and DOJ committed more than 50 violations of their policies to obtain FISA warrants that allowed them to monitor Page’s communications, and “spy on him with physical agents.

“It’s not just Carter Page, whose civil rights were violated, the FBI used a pretext to try to figure out a way to spy on other people in the Trump campaign, and Carter Page was the key piece,” DiGenova said.

“No single FBI person has done more damage to the FBI than James Comey and all of his sanctimony and his public self-praise will never be able to overcome the perfidy of what he has done,” he concluded.

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