America’s former top lawyer wants Donald Trump to return to the Oval Office.

William Barr might call the previous president unpleasant and compare him to wild animals. However, the former attorney general still agrees with Americans who prefer Trump over the incumbent.

“His personal behavior is obnoxious … [and] it was frequently like wrestling an alligator,” he said in a video shared on YouTube.

“I was actually surprised it [election night] was as close as it was … [and] there are a lot of American people right now that might prefer having him back in office than [Joe] Biden,” he added.

Although Barr resigned from the former Trump administration, he applauded the previous president’s resourcefulness and initiative.

“I gave him a lot of credit for identifying the key issues and having the gumption to press forward and accomplish a lot of good things for the American people. His combativeness worked for him in 2016—and partly, while he was in office, breaking through the smoldering hostility of the media,” he said.

The Republican warned the alternative is for Democrat progressives to seize control of the country. Such a political shift could compromise judicial impartiality.

“In terms of the leadership of the country, I think they [progressives] would be a dangerous choice for the United States and our system, the person who is in charge of criminal law,” he said.

“The official has to be politically accountable and, at the same time, dedicated to providing equal justice based on law and facts with no favoritism or partisanship–which I did,” he added.

He completely dismissed speculation that Trump had planned to stay in the White House regardless of the 2020 election outcome.

“If there was a plan to stay in office it is something that materialized after the election [and] I saw no sign of a plan before the election to stay in office regardless of the outcome,” he said.

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