Former Homeland Security Adviser Michael Flynn said Americans should be “outraged” by what Democrats tried to do to America.

During an interview on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” Flynn described the process he himself experienced with the Russian fake plot and the role played by some intelligence agencies, which, he said, had an “anti-American sense.”

After intense political and judicial persecution, Flynn was pardoned by the president and then the Judge Emmet Sullivan dropped the case.

The decision to drop the case ended a legal battle that lasted approximately three years as part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s now-discredited interference in the 2016 presidential elections.

“It is my Great Honor to announce that General Michael T. Flynn has been granted a Full Pardon. Congratulations to @GenFlynn and his wonderful family. I know you will now have a truly fantastic Thanksgiving!,” President Trump wrote on Twitter.

Flynn stated, “When people say, ‘Hey, Mike, I’m sorry for what happened to you,’ what I tell people is don’t feel sorry for me.”

“Feel sorry for this president, feel sorry for the presidency of this country, and be outraged at what they tried to do to this country,” he continued.

“And that’s really what this was about. This was about going after a president who won an election, and they—by all rights, they figured oh, no way is he going to win,'” he added, referring to the vast irregularities and frauds that were proven to have occurred during the presidential election.

Flynn also pointed out that, despite all the obstacles, the Trump administration managed to do many things for Americans and the free world.

“Look at what President Trump has been able to do despite the kind of assault that he’s been under,” he said.

In another section of the interview, Flynn seemed to be referring to the so-called deep state, an extensive network of bureaucrats, politicians, businessmen, and people of influence who have infiltrated the highest levels of governments around the world in order to defend their own interests.

“And we’re still facing that right now in this current election. We have an element in our country, some of which is in the institutions of our government—the Department of Justice and certainly, the FBI and other elements like the intelligence community that just basically are … there’s an anti-American sense inside of some of these institutions,” he explained.

While the election is still undecided, it is believed that Flynn could be part of a second term in the Trump administration, as in early 2020 the president said he would welcome him back to his team.

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