Florida’s chief legal adviser launched a lawsuit against Joe Biden for allegedly releasing unlawful aliens on Sept. 28.

State Attorney General Ashley Moody (R) believes the president’s immigration policy is illegal. That is why Moody is challenging the Democrat’s “catch and release” policy, which freed more than 225,000 illegal immigrants so far in 2021.

Most of these immigrants enter as asylum seekers, and authorities grant refugee status if individuals suffered some form of persecution due to race, religion or more.

Federal law dictates authorities must detain asylum seekers until a court rules on their case. However, President Biden allegedly released thousands of illegal immigrants daily without first confirming eligibility.

“Releasing this many arriving aliens into the interior necessarily means that the government is violating congressional commands in the immigration laws,” Moody said in court documents.

As a temporary remedy Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed a resolution that prohibits state agencies from helping undocumented immigrants enter the Sunshine State after being released.

The order authorizes the Florida Highway Patrol and state Department of Law Enforcement to “detain any aircraft, bus, or other vehicle within the state of Florida, reasonably believed to be transporting illegal aliens to Florida from the southwest border.”

It also directs state agencies to identify any immigrants arriving illegally in Florida from the Mexican border. State agencies are warned not to fund policies that favor illegal immigrants unless required by law.

“While some arriving migrants have legitimate asylum claims, many do not,” the attorney general said. “Some are gang members and drug traffickers exploiting the crisis at the border, as evidenced by the skyrocketing amount of fentanyl seized at the border this year.”

Democrats and radical leftists openly defend Biden’s immigration policies because those released are monitored until a court subpoenas them to declare their status.

However, Republicans and opponents of such measures claim the vast majority of individuals released fail to turn up for their court dates, and illegally stay in the country.

Moody and DeSantis strongly condemned Biden’s immigration measures. They also praised predecessor Donald Trump’s policies.

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