A federal judge in Greensboro, William Osteen, ruled Wednesday that absentee ballots in the state of North Carolina must have the signature of a witness attesting that the voter is indeed the person on the ballot. This security measure aims to limit the possibilities of fraud so feared with this controversial voting methodology. 

According to Reuters, the court order signed by Osteen essentially prohibits voters from sending an absentee ballot in the name of a person who has already voted since the signature of a third party is needed to prove that the voter, and not someone else, signed the ballot. The measure does not guarantee absolute transparency, but at least it limits to some extent, the possibilities of fraud.

The news was well-received by Republicans who have been expressing for months the critical situation that will occur if people decide to use the right to absentee voting in a massive way, which will undoubtedly cause the mail system to collapse and promote many opportunities for electoral fraud.

Republican state Senator Phil Berger said in a statement published by Reuters, “Judge Osteen was right to stop the elimination of the absentee voting witness requirement.”

The Nov. 3 election promises to be the largest absentee ballot in the country’s history. While it has always been possible to vote by mail, it has never occurred on a massive scale.

Using the CCP Virus as an excuse, the Democrats have conducted a vigorous campaign promoting absentee voting, arguing that people should avoid public spaces and contact with other people. 

On the contrary, the Republicans, with President Trump at the head, warn of the danger of fraud that exists with mail-in ballots.

The U.S. postal system is in a state of disrepair and could collapse quickly, leading to control and security systems failing in the face of excessive demand.

That would open up the possibility of fraud through various mechanisms such as ballot stuffing, recounting certain votes, and excessive delays in delivering results.

President Trump does not oppose the rational use of postal voting; that is, he argues that it should only be used by those who cannot indeed go to public places to cast their votes. But by no means should there be a massive use of this methodology.

At a press conference less than a month ago, President Trump again spoke out against absentee voting. And he blamed the Democrats for promoting this voting system, which he anticipated would bring chaos, confusion, and possible fraud.

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