A federal judge on Thursday, Aug. 1, temporarily blocked New York state from turning President Trump’s New York state tax returns to a congressional committee. 

According to Politico, Judge Carl Nichols accepted a proposal by New York state allowing it to challenge his jurisdiction over the issue, in an exchange for banning the state from turning over the president’s state tax returns to House Ways and Means Committee under newly enacted New York law.

The judge also ordered the state must notify the court if Democrats make any request for the tax documents while the case is being argued.

District Judge Carl Nichols said during a D.C. court hearing on Wednesday that he wants to make sure that “Mr. Trump cannot suffer any harm” while arguments play out, CNN reported. 

Judge Carl Nichols also set a hearing on the issue on Aug. 29 to decide whether he has jurisdiction over the New York officials named as defendants in the President Trump’s lawsuit.

“I continue to expect that while I have this under advisement actions won’t be taken to moot this,” the judge said.

President Trump on July 23, sued the House Ways and Means Committee and New York state officials to prevent his state tax returns from being turned over to the congressional committee, saying it violates his constitutional rights.

Last month, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill that allows certain committees to access state tax returns of public officials. The bill seemed to be designed to get into President Trump’s state tax returns. 

Efforts by the Democrats to go after President Trump’s tax returns face challenges. Democrats have been pushing to have the release of President Trump’s tax return since the day he took office. 

In May, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin denied a request from the House Ways and Means committee for turning over six years of President Trump’s federal tax returns from the Internal Revenue Service, saying that Congress’s request “lacks a legitimate legislative purpose.”