A federal appeals court has expedited Sidney Powell’s request for a forensic examination of Dominion Voting Systems machines after the lawyer filed a lawsuit last week, alleging the machines are insecure and allowed foreign forces to meddle in the presidential election.

Powell’s request received an expedited review from the federal appeals court in Atlanta, Bloomberg reported. She is seeking to force Georgia officials to allow examining the state’s Dominion Voting Systems Inc. machines that she said are central to vast election fraud claims.

Powell appealed after a judge declined to immediately grant her request for a temporary restraining order forcing audits of Dominion machines, which she said have ties to “communist money.” The court on Wednesday, Dec. 2, granted her emergency motion to expedite briefings on whether it will even hear the case at such an early stage.

Powell’s request, filed earlier on Wednesday, said that the stakes “could not be higher” because massive election fraud has occurred in Georgia in the context of voting machines using Dominion software.

Powell started her lawsuit in Georgia on Nov. 25, alleging massive election fraud in the state that rigged the 2020 election for Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

In the 104-page filing, Powell said a scheme centered on modern “ballot stuffing” hidden by voter machine algorithms and alleged that Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Iranian agents had access to Dominion Voting Systems software to manipulate the election. 

Powell accused Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, both are Republican officials, of having “rushed through the purchase of the Dominion machines and software in 2019 for the 2020 Presidential Election” without due diligence and disregarded safety concerns.

Dominion is in the middle of a storm caused by an endless succession of election frauds, which allegedly destroyed millions of votes and transferred numerous of them from President Donald Trump to Biden.

A recent investigation, based on the filings of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, has revealed that the CCP invested $400 million in Dominion Voting Systems through the Swiss bank USB, one month before the election.

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