President Donald Trump initiated the declassification of documents that could be devastating for those involved. The first of these confirms that the FBI lied in order to begin the process of removing President Trump from office in 2017, on the initiative of the Democratic Party.

To obtain the authorization from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) necessary for the fraudulent investigation, the FBI used the Steele dossier as evidence, knowing from the beginning that it was false, Trend Politics said on Jan. 15, attaching photos of related documents.

The Steele dossier is the set of documents provided by the former British spy, Christopher Steele, hired by the firm Fusion GPS at the request of the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in which he accused the Trump campaign of conspiring with Russia to obtain the presidency in 2016.

But more seriously, the FBI used those warrants to spy on other people close to President Trump.

After nearly two and a half years of investigating President Trump and his campaign members, at a cost of millions of taxpayer dollars, special counsel Robert Muller found no evidence of any crime.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that it was all a ruse to overthrow President Trump, the narrative of “Russian collusion,” and the “Russian agent” is something that mainstream media and Democratic Party leaders have repeated so often, that much of American society came to believe.

The declassification of numerous documents that preserve the reality of the criminal and corrupt acts of many of the leading American politicians has already begun, and those that are missing raise much expectation.

Other documents that could be much more shocking are expected to come to light this weekend. 

However, there are so many that their analysis may take some time and the effects of their content may take even longer. One of them, also related to false collusion, is 159 pages.

Other documents declassified two days ago revealed the strategy to defeat the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in its claims to dominate the important region of the Western Pacific.

The basic objectives of the strategy are to dissuade the CCP from attacking the United States and its allies, to provide the resources to counter it, and to defeat it “across the spectrum of the conflict,” according to Air Force Magazine of Jan. 13.

Moreover, there is still hope that these declassifications are only a preamble to the beginning of a second term for President Trump in the White House, all of which could be revealed, next Wednesday, Jan. 20.