The FBI in October reportedly reached out to the whistleblower whose complaint sparked the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump, but no significant conversations have been reported yet.

Fox News first reported on the situation and, according to a familiar source, an FBI agent from the bureau’s Washington field office sought contact with the anonymous whistleblower approximately six weeks ago.

Additionally, the whistleblower was reportedly not a target of any sort of investigation but instead regarded as a potential witness.

It is not known why the FBI attempted to contact the whistleblower.

According to the Washington Examiner, the whistleblower’s legal team has rejected in-person interview requests by Republicans but gave their client the green light to respond to written questions in the impeachment inquiry.

“Identifying any suspected name for the whistleblower will place their family at risk of serious harm,” the whistleblower’s attorneys, Andrew Bakaj and Mark Zaid, said.

The whistleblower, whose identity remains unknown, filed a complaint in August that raised questions about whether President Trump pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy in a July 25 call to investigate political rival Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

But Tuesday’s public House impeachment hearings revealed no wrongdoing by the president, contrary to Democratic lawmakers’ claims that argued the president’s call contained a bribe or extortion—as grounds for impeachment.

House Republicans questioned every witness on the Nov. 19 hearing on whether bribery was involved, and all witnesses responded with “no.”

“I was never involved in anything that I would consider bribery or extortion,” Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, one of the key witnesses, said in his testimony.

Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) pointed out that Democrats are accusing the president of engaging in bribery, which is listed in the U.S. Constitution as an impeachable offense, but none of the witnesses used that word to refer to the president.

“The problem is in an impeachment inquiry that the speaker of the House says is all about bribery, where bribery is the impeachable offense, not one witness has used the word ‘bribery’ to describe President Trump’s conduct, not one of them,” Ratcliffe said of the witnesses.

Presidents Trump and Zelenskiy both said there was no wrongdoing, and Zelenskiy said there was no pressure for him to get involved in American politics.

The military aid also flowed free of condition.