A Democrat who controls the White House contradicted himself several times while addressing the nation about the deadly disease.

President Biden repeatedly spread misinformation about the beginnings of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus.

He claimed the previous administration had failed to warn Americans about the looming pandemic.

“A year ago, we were hit with a virus that was met with silence and spread unchecked,” he said in a video shared on YouTube.

Biden also accused Trump of not acting quickly to help contain the pandemic.

“Denials for days, weeks, then months that led to more deaths, more infections, more stress, and more loneliness,” he said.

However, a recent fact check shows that  Biden and his fellow party members were actually the ones who tried to delay the president’s efforts to curb infection rates.

“Biden opposed Trump’s travel ban on China for more than two months, finally admitting in April 2020 that it was the correct policy,” Breitbart senior-editor-at-large Joel Pollak reported.

Biden had accused the president of needlessly raising the alarm over the CCP Virus by closing the border to Chinese nationals who do not live in the United States.

“This is no time for Donald Trump’s record of hysterical xenophobia … [and] fear-mongering,” he said in a video that has since been deleted from Facebook. “Banning all travel will not stop it.”

The Trump administration had already introduced a variety of disease prevention measures 12 months ago.

“By March 11, 2020, President Trump had already taken many decisive actions against the coronavirus [CCP Virus],” Pollak said. “Trump was never silent about COVID-19 (CCP Virus), nor did he deny that it posed serious risks to Americans’ public health.”

Pollak believes the Democrats were so preoccupied with impeaching President Trump that they completely ignored the soaring number of infections.

“The only ‘silence’ was from Congress, where Democrats were busy impeaching Trump, wasting precious weeks on politics,” he said.

The former president believes Biden was not interested in stopping the CCP Virus from spreading because he is too politically aligned with the CCP.

“When I placed travel restrictions on China on January 31 to slow the spread of the coronavirus, Joe Biden sided with the Chinese,” President Trump said on Facebook before his account was suspended. “Biden was wrong.”

Biden even appeared to be confused when asked about President Trump’s response to the CCP Virus.

“I complimented him on dealing with China,” he said before clarifying that he is not “going nuts.”

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