Environmental activists expressed dissatisfaction with the Biden administration by dumping animal dung in front of the White House.

Dozens of Extinction Rebellion D.C. protesters are unhappy with President Joe Biden’s climate change plan. They used cow manure to show how much they disapprove of his response to an environmental theory that burning fossil fuels creates carbon emissions, allegedly influencing long-term weather patterns.

“Our beautiful rebels delivered a steaming pile of [expletive] to the White House during the start of Biden’s Climate Summit in rage at the president’s half-baked climate plan,” the group said on Facebook.

Photos posted to social media show long lines of Americans moving at least a dozen wheelbarrow loads of poop around the White House grounds before finally delivering it to the corner of New York Ave North West (NW) and 17th Street NW in downtown Washington.

A variety of banners displayed the words “Biden’s 2030 plan equals mass death,” “declare a climate emergency now,” and “stop the bull [expletive.]”

Extinction Rebellion DC spokeswoman Reilly Polka accused the president of making stupid and incorrect statements about cutting carbon emissions by 2030.

“This is just another ‘not in my term of office’ scam,” she said on Facebook. “This is not the time to hold our noses, we must realize that we are in the [expletive] unless we come together, think bigger and transform.”

Polka explained littering poop was a great way to show how disgusting animal waste can fertilize plants and create a more beautiful world.

“From the most pungent [expletive] grows the most beautiful roses,” she said. “We have a chance to transform society in a way that allows humankind to prosper and flourish, and prevents the needless suffering of billions.”

She suggested “even the most conservative science” from the likes of former President Donald Trump could do a better job of managing the environment.

“We have elected another president who cannot understand basic science,” she said. “Just like rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic, Biden is fiddling with dates and targets as the ocean rises, and the world burns.”

“The president has failed to address the immense scale of the planetary emergency. Those travelling first class are still enjoying the party too much to hear the cries of those already drowning in the decks below,” she added.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently irritated activists after using a virtual press conference to proclaim climate change was a factor driving illegal immigrants north from Central America toward the United States.

In the conference, she said a few months before the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus crisis began, she had traveled to the Northern Triangle to examine migration causes.

Besides corruption and violence in many Central American countries, which are the known factors driving the influx of illegals into the United States, Pelosi proclaimed that climate change also has a share.

“It is corruption. It is violence,” Pelosi said. “It is also, which was new to me as one who is a follower of the climate issue, that climate played a role as well.”

“The drought, the rest, impacting agriculture in those countries contributed to people leaving and coming to our country, again, for economic reasons,” she added. “That is not necessarily an opportunity to come into our country but a motivation for people to try.”

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