Shocking new evidence has come to light regarding the accusations leveled at the President of the United States that relate to the impeachment proceedings against him. 

Blaze TV host Glenn Beck has revealed documents and audio that demonstrate the Democratic National Committee (DNC) colluded with the former Ukrainian government to attack Trump in 2016. “You are not being told what is really going on in Ukraine,” said Beck during a special program on BlazeTV Thursday, Oct. 3.

Screenshot YouTube (The Blaze TV)

The Democrats never expected Donald Trump to win the election, explains Beck, and when he did, they began covering their tracks of corruption.


Beck has exposed the lies and corruption that go back to 2014 in Ukraine when the Obama administration offered help to the new Ukrainian government after President Yanukovych was removed from power. 

In April 2014, Burisma Holdings—the largest private gas company in Ukraine—and the most corrupt—appointed Hunter Biden to the board of directors, when father Joe was vice president to President Obama. Hunter’s appointment was meant to apply pressure on Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin, who was investigating Mykola Zlochevsky, the former minister of ecology and natural resources of Ukraine — also the founder of Burisma. This would steer the investigation away from the company—and Biden’s dealings. Shokin asked to resign at the insistence of Joe Biden. Here is part of Shokin’s sworn statement.

Screenshot YouTube (The Blaze)

Former Ukrainian state prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko emphasized the significance of a taped conversation from National Anti-Corruption Bureau Chief Artem Sytnik. “I don’t know how, but the Americans got an audio recording of Mr. Sytnik’s conversation,” Lutsenko says. “He is resting with his family and friends and discussing how he would like to help Hillary [Clinton].”

The audio was leaked to the Ukrainian press in October 2017 by Borislav Rosenblat, a Ukrainian member of Parliament. However, it was not picked up by any mainstream media in the United States, says Beck. It is the first known English translation of the conversation, and you can listen in Beck’s video above.

Sytnik also admits that he made public the records that helped send Paul Manafort, the former campaign manager for the Trump campaign, to prison. The media is not asking honest questions, says Beck. “They are asking questions that will prove what they already believe. They never questioned the Russia collusion narrative, never.” It all started well before Trump became president.”

“They [mainstream Western media] trusted Obama, they never questioned him,” said Beck.

In 2017, former press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders gifted the media with the Ukrainian-collusion story, but it was ignored by everyone—except the Ukrainian press and government.The audio is here: Off-camera briefing with reporters.

Beck has revealed the information to the general public, making any documents he has found available for viewing, including the audio, and the translation. Here is a list below comprised by Beck of the damning information that puts the Democrats in a very delicate position.


 Fully documented evidence can be viewed on Beck’s website.“I do my own homework,” said Beck. “You need to do the same.”