Hans von Spakovsky, manager of the Heritage Foundation’s Election Law Reform Initiative at the Heritage Foundation, an expert in the legal area of elections, spoke to Breitbart News on Thursday, Nov. 5, and explained why sudden spikes in votes in key states for Democratic candidate Biden are impossible in a normal election.

“The way you do counting is you simply count all of the ballots,” von Spakovsky said. “You don’t divide. They’re not divided up between the candidates. So the [precinct] reporting that’s coming in ought to be reporting the total vote count, regardless of who it’s for. So again, if it’s confirmed that there are these weird reports coming out of votes only for one candidate and not the other, you’ve got to question, what exactly is going on?”

Spakovsky’s explanation of the irregularities in the election refers to what happened in the states of Wisconsin and Michigan. Near the close of the election, President Trump led Biden with a wide lead in these key states, but suddenly, about 138,339 ballots in Michigan for example, were all for Biden and zero for Trump or any other candidate, which as von Spakovsky points out is not possible.

While the legacy media claims the absence of evidence of fraud, in unconventional media including The Gateaway Pundit and Natural News, reports keep emerging of the testimonies of poll watchers who witnessed many irregularities during the vote count, the most notable case being in Detroit, where more than one witness reported the arrival of vehicles at 4 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 4, from which a score of boxes full of ballots were downloaded (surprise! All for Biden).

“It does raise concerns when you know that all the people that are working there are clearly Democrats,” remarked von Spakovsky. “That’s why it’s so important that those places comply with state poll-watching laws. All the campaigns [and] all the political parties are legally entitled to have poll watchers watching every aspect of the election process, including the counting process.”

However, one of the complaints that the Trump administration has filed rightly points out that many poll watchers in Detroit, Michigan, for example, were unable to observe the ballots count process. A similar complaint was filed in Philadelphia, Rudy Giuliani, an attorney for President Trump, where Republican observers had to stay 30 feet away from where the ballots were counted.

“For places like Detroit to chase out and not allow legally appointed poll watchers in there to watch them processing these absentee ballots raises serious questions about possible misconduct going on,” von Spakovsky said.

In Pennsylvania, the Trump administration is challenging the fact that many mail-in ballots that were counted arrived not only after the polls closed, but also did not meet the legal requirements. In this state, some 21,000 ballots from deceased voters were also discovered.

“What I worry about is absentee ballots being accepted, processed, and counted that don’t comply with state law requirements, because they know it’s going to be the vote they like,” von Spakovsky warned. “What I mean by that is an absentee ballot comes in, and the signature doesn’t match, so clearly it may be fraudulent. Or it came in late, but they counted it anyway. That’s the kind of thing you don’t want to have happening, because that is simply illegal.”

Von Spakovsky said the Trump administration should now focus on using all legal resources to get the state courts to order that all illegal votes be excluded from the count.

Bringing this information to light is becoming a daring thing to do; Silicon Valley giants and legacy media are doing everything they can to censor every publication that mentions election fraud, and Americans and the rest of the free world that looks to America to fight this battle depending on their voice alone, their faith.

That’s why, to help people, President Trump’s team set up a direct line for those who have witnessed election irregularities.

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