A controversial billionaire influenced a sitting U.S. president to request a federal investigation into a third party, a legal professional revealed.

Former President Barack Obama allegedly made a personal request to the FBI to examine an individual at the request of Hungarian-born investor and philanthropist George Soros.

Alan Dershowitz made the allegation while discussing new evidence he intends to present at a future legal action against the former Obama administration.

“I have some information as well about the Obama administration, which will be disclosed in a lawsuit at some point but I am not prepared to disclose it now, about how President Obama personally asked the FBI to investigate somebody on behalf of George Soros, who was a close ally of his,” the Harvard Law School professor told the “Breitbart News Sunday” radio program.

Dershowitz indicated he had a copy of an FBI summary of interviews they conducted and he would go public with the document when the time is ripe.

“I have in my possession the actual 302 form, which documents this issue and it will at the right time come out,” he said. “I am not free to disclose it now because it is a case that has not yet been filed … that is going to come out in a lawsuit in the near future.”

Dershowitz believes this is just one of many examples where the White House had influenced the Department of Justice before President Donald Trump came into office, and President Obama was rather covert about it.

“We have seen this kind of White House influence on the Justice Department virtually in every Justice Department,” the professor said. “The difference this president is much more overt about it, he tweets about it [while] President Obama whispered to the Justice Department about it.”

He also revealed many people have quietly advised presidents of the past who, in turn, secretly passed on the information to the Department of Justice.

“That is not unusual, people whisper to presidents all the time, presidents whisper to Justice Department all the time, it’s very common,” he said. “It is wrong whoever does it but it is common, and we should not think that it is unique to any particular president.”

Dershowitz suggested several past department officials should also face scrutiny for what could be considered questionable conduct on their part.

“I do not think these 1,000 former Justice Department officials would pass the shoe on the other foot test,” he said. “Maybe some of them would but a good many of them would not.”

Dershowitz maintains from a constitutional perspective, a sitting president has the power to seize control of the Department of Justice.

“The president could make a decision to really control the Justice Department, he could decide who to prosecute, who not to prosecute,” he said. “He should not do it, it has not been done since Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson did do it, we have seen this throughout our history.”

The professor also said there was more White House control of the Justice Department during the John F. Kennedy administration but there were far fewer critics back then.

“I do not think we saw very many liberal professors arguing against that,” he said.

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