In his State of the Union speech, President Donald Trump offered Congress on Tuesday, Feb. 4,  an optimistic view of the country, based on economic data and mentioning other important issues for the country, including the importance of the life of the unborn child.

Among several exciting moments in the speech, one of them involved a little fighter and her mother—Ellie and Robin Schneider, who attended the State of the Union as special guests of President Trump.

“In 2017, doctors at St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City delivered one of the earliest premature babies to ever survive,” President Trump began.

“Born at 21 weeks and six days and weighing less than a pound, Ellie Schneider was a born fighter. Little Ellie kept on winning the battle of life. Today, Ellie is a strong and healthy 2-year-old girl sitting with her amazing mother, Robin, in the gallery. We are glad to have you with us tonight,” he added.

“Ellie reminds us every child is a miracle of life. Thanks to modern medical wonders, 50% of premature babies delivered at the hospital where Ellie was born now survive,” he said, adding, “Our goal should be to ensure that every baby has the best chance to thrive and grow, just like Ellie. That is why I am asking Congress to provide an additional $50 billion to fund neonatal research for America’s youngest patients.”

President Trump used Ellie’s story to announce his goal of banning late-term abortions, while Ellie’s mother, Robin Schneider, cried and said, That is why I am also calling upon members of Congress tonight to pass legislation finally banning the late-term abortion of babies.” “Whether we are Republican, Democrat, or Independent, surely we must all agree that every human life is a sacred gift from God as we support America’s moms and dads.”

In terms of pro-life and pro-family policies, President Trump not only referred to unborn children, who have no voice, but also said that families need more support, such as through paid family leave and affordable child care options.

In this regard, he stated, “I was proud to sign the new law offering parents in the workforce paid family leave, serving as a model for the rest of the country,” Trump said. “Now I call on Congress to pass the bipartisan Advancing Support for Working Families Act, extended family leave to mothers and fathers all across our nation.”

In the field of the struggle for life, there is still much to be done. While the Trump administration has implemented pro-life policies, it is not easy to do so in a country where abortion has been legal since 1973 and where most of the Democratic opposition is pro-abortion, even up to the last trimester.

During his first three years in office, President Trump has adopted socially conservative policies, particularly on the issue of abortion. He is appointing anti-abortion judges and cutting taxpayer funding for abortion services, which primarily affects the abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

President Donald Trump attended the annual March for Life rally on Jan. 24, 2020, in Washington, where he said he felt “deeply honored” to be the first president to attend this event.

On that occasion he noted that Democrats take “radical and extreme positions” on abortion and remarked that “unborn children have never had a stronger advocate in the White House.