H.R. 127, a bill introduced by Democrats on Jan. 4, is designed in such a way that if passed it would render the Second Amendment to the Constitution completely useless, largely blocking the use of guns by citizens. 

One of the rules is to record the owner’s name, date of acquisition, and location, plus the make, model, and serial number of each particular gun, as described by the alternative media outlet End Of The American Dream on Feb. 1. 

“They are coming for your 2nd Amendment, and they aren’t going to stop until they get what they want,” warns author Michael Snyder, who believes that if not with this law they will disable them with others.

Gun registry 

The registry would be publicly accessible, so anyone who wants to invade or attack a user would know precisely what they are up against and could also plan how to overcome it.

In the same way guns may be confiscated as soon as the government of the day thinks of a way, which would not be strange at all if it is a leftist who has been attacking this essential right of Americans for many years. 

In addition, before buying a gun, it is necessary to obtain a license, which could become another way to limit possession or even prevent it in case it is restricted.

Jumping through hoops

A psychological examination by a government-authorized specialist is also required, which will include at least two other members of the family, and after passing these filters, an insurance policy worth $800 must be purchased. 

Additionally, weapons and ammunition are classified in such a way that the greater the fire power, the greater the restrictions. Thus, the Democrats will strongly reduce the acquisition of weapons.

What happened to a government for the people?

The first days of Joe Biden’s presidency stand out for the signing of dozens of executive orders, predominantly aimed at destroying the legacy of former President Donald Trump, and imposing the leftist policies that characterize the Democrats.

Likewise, starting the week of Feb. 8, they will initiate an impeachment trial against Trump, considered by many as completely unconstitutional.

For some, as the account @TrumpWarRoom pointed out in a tweet, this process is an attack against the First Amendment and the rights of citizens. “Not only will President Trump be on trial next week. The First Amendment will be on trial next week because the Democrats aren’t going to stop with attacking President Trump, they want to go after the free speech and the rights of all Americans.”