Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) received an unexpected setback from her own audience Thursday, Oct. 3, during a campaign event.

The Harris asked her audience if America was ready for her presidency, according to a video posted on Twitter by several Internet users. 

“In this election, in the last two months … maybe a couple of months, and certainly in a few weeks, there’s all this conversation talking about eligibility focused on our campaign,” Harris said.

“Is America ready for that?

Several voices were heard loud and clear responding: “No,” which surprised the Democratic candidate who rushed to answer:

“Yes, they are.”

The incident has provoked widespread mockery on social networks.

“What this video doesn’t show is those people being immediately detained, cuffed, and hauled away to think about what they just did to her chances of becoming president,” joked Matt Wolking, deputy campaign communications director for Donald Trump.

“Her delusion epitomizes that of most #Democrats, like @SpeakerPelosi, @AOC, @BernieSanders, @IlhanMN, etc. They believe everyone thinks like them, believes what they do, and whoever disagrees can be destroyed. Witch hunts will only get you so far … usually voted from office …,” wrote another person on Twitter.

“Not a good sign for Kamala Harris. When Harris asked if America was ready for her presidency, the crowd shouted, “no,”” said another.

“America doesn’t want someone to be President who will destroy private healthcare, destroy the 2nd amendment, & regulate what you eat,” he added. 

Harris has recently starred in quite controversial episodes, some of which have even scandalized the Democratic sympathizers themselves.

One of the most controversial was this week when she told The Hill that Twitter should close the president’s account.

Actor Rob Schneider responded to these statements by stating:

“Government officials asking corporations to sensor people is grossly unAmerican. Free Speech is to protect not just the speech you like but also the speech you find abhorrent. @KamalaHarris you are either for ALL of it or NONE of it.”

The Harris was also heavily criticized recently for laughing when an attendee at one of her rallies called Donald Trump ‘mentally retarded’ and replied:

“Well said, well said,” and she added: “I plan to win this election, I can tell you that.”

An optimistic affirmation that does not seem to have endorsement in the data of the Real Politics barometer, that registered a dramatic fall in the senator’s popularity.

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