Former Dominion Voting System IT assistant Mellissa Carone, who denounced vote-counting fraud at the Detroit, Michigan, convention center (TFC) on Nov. 3, disavowed statements by company CEO John Poulos.

“They are afraid of me and they should be. Carone commented while refuting each of the statements made by Poulos in defense of the controversial actions carried out with the company’s vote-counting machines, according to The Gateway Pundit of Dec. 17. 

Although Poulos claimed that there were steel boxes in which votes were deposited after they were counted under the voting tables, Carone denied it. 

Carone also said that Dominion’s software was related to Smartmatic, which also counts votes in several countries, although Poulos denied it. There is a video in which Smartmatic’s CEO admits that his company did license software to Dominion. 

Carone also said that the Dominion employees she worked with were of radical leftist ideology and issued “countless” anti-Trump and anti-Republican statements while working, although Poulos said they were not partisan. 

Poulos testified before the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee on Dec. 15, after the results presented by a group of forensic experts indicated that the fraud committed with the Dominion machines was indeed evident. 

The software “is intentionally and deliberately designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results,” the specialists ruled after auditing the machines used in Antrim County. 

They also found that electronic records were erased from the machines in late November against state law, and that there was a total lack of security around the voting machines.

In addition, there was a very high error rate of 68 percent in processing ballots, and election officials were able to change a ballot manually with their software.

Poulos also denied the possibility of manipulating the devices with USB sticks, which Carone asserted as having internal Dominion documents that demonstrate the ability to network the machines via USB or Ethernet ports.

Carone even said that on the night of Nov. 3, she met Dominion’s co-owner, Nick Ikonomakis, even though he denied that he had been at the site that night. 

“It would be too conspicuous if the owner was present, so they want to cover it up, but I met him that night, I talked to him that night, he was there even though they say he wasn’t,” Carone revealed, according to The Gateway Pundit.

she added, “This isn’t about me as a person, it’s about the voter fraud I saw going on in front of me at the TCF Center. We should have the same standards when we’re under oath.”

“The things that [Poulos] is saying are 100 percent in conflict with the things I’ve said. What I’m saying is the truth. My story will not change,” Carone concluded.

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