The flood of possible fraudulent evidence of the electoral process continues to appear, now three witnesses reveal facts involving more than 432,000 votes.

One of them, Ethan Pease, a subcontractor of the United States Postal Service (USPS) in Wisconsin, testified under oath that he knew of plans to falsify the arrival date of 100,000 votes so that they could be counted as valid, and then recounted the facts at a press conference organized by Project Amistad on Dec. 1.

Pease followed his conscience, because he could not rest without denouncing that electoral irregularity.

“I couldn’t go to the grave knowing what I knew and keep it to myself knowing that something went wrong in this election,” quoted Fox News.

On the Twitter account of President Donald Trump, the video in which host Sean Hannity interviews the three witnesses to these serious electoral irregularities was tweeted.

Meanwhile, Jesse Morgan, another USPS subcontractor carrier, revealed that he had carried nearly 300,000 votes from one state to another.

“This happened on Oct. 21, I picked them up in Bethpage, N.Y. and took them to Harrisburg [Pennsylvania] and from Harrisburg I took them to Lancaster, left the trailer in Lancaster, left my truck and went home,” Morgan said.

The following statement was made by Kristina Karamo, a Michigan election observer, who observed the falsification of votes to favor Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Karamo immediately went to the election supervisor on duty, who started yelling at her and the whole thing ended in a heated argument between the two.

“People try to say this is just an incident. No, it’s a bunch of instances. We had no way to coordinate these massive stories that add up, but the Democrats have a lot of time to coordinate their stories, so it doesn’t make sense that all of our stories are telling the same kind of situation where we witnessed massive fraud,” she argued.

For Karamo these facts go beyond political affiliations, what is sought is to protect the nation.

“This goes beyond the Republicans and the Democrats. It is about our republic being protected. If we don’t have confidence in our choice, we don’t have a nation,” Karamo said.

Different groups of lawyers have formalized legal demands in search of electoral transparency, seriously harmed by all these fraudulent facts.

Nevertheless, with unshakable confidence, both the president and his followers hope that the courts will rule in favor of his re-election, which was apparently obtained by an unprecedented vote. 

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