As the days after the election pass, the pressure to know the winner increases, but now the state of Georgia will recount the more than 5 million ballots received amid many claims of voter fraud in several states. 

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced this morning that the small difference between the number of votes for President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden makes a recount necessary, according to the attached video. 

After advancing to 99 percent of the vote the difference is only 1,098 votes, which will force a recount of all of them, causing a further delay in the final national results. 

“Of the approximately 5 million votes cast, we will have a margin of a few thousand” without counting, explained Raffensperger. 

He added, “As we approach our final count, we can begin to see our next steps. With such a small margin there will be a recount in Georgia,” he reiterated. 

The results are expected to be known by the end of November, according to the New York Post. 

The recounts have been marked by many reports of irregularities, including the unexplained appearance of 120,000 votes for Biden and none for the other candidates, and the exclusion of the Republican observer volunteers.

This is the opinion of specialist Hans von Spakovsky, manager of the Electoral Law Reform Initiative of the Heritage Foundation and senior legal member of the Center for Legal and Judicial Studies in Meese. 

“If those reports are correct, I don’t understand it. The way the count is done is simply to count all the votes,” Von Spakovsky said according to Breitbart. 

 “It’s not divided. It is not divided among the candidates. So the report [from the precinct] that comes in should report the total vote count, no matter whom it’s for,” he continued. 

He then added, “So, if you confirm that there are these weird reports coming out of the votes for one candidate only and not for the other, you have to ask yourself what exactly is going on?

He also commented on the eviction of the Republican observers from the vote count rooms in Detroit, Michigan.  

“The fact that in places like Detroit they are persecuting and not allowing legally appointed election observers to observe them processing these mail ballots raises serious questions about the possible misconduct that is occurring,” Von Spakovsky said.

“That’s the kind of thing you don’t want to happen, because that’s just illegal,” he added. 

Despite all the irregularities found, the Trump campaign has no doubt that re-election will be a fact. 

So stated Trump 2020 campaign general counsel Matt Morgan.

“President Trump will ultimately prevail,” he said according to one of his Nov. 6 tweets.

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