In the intricate election fraud scheme in which Dominion Voting Systems participated, the company was accused of transferring the results to an international network, but its defense argued that the machines were not connected to the internet.

Now an Army veteran who identified himself on Twitter with the user @PioyCOLX published the service contract signed between the State of Michigan and Dominion, in which it is specified that the machines do connect to the internet, which would prove the results could be transferred to powers such as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Russia, and Iran. 

“I heard @dominionvoting was trying to sue @SidneyPowell1 4 defamation. [Unacceptable] This is a dominion contract with #Michigan. It doesn’t expire until 2027. Their software outlines here that they are connected to the internet + listen + adjudicate over desktop applications,” explains @PioyCOLX.

According to @PioyCOLX the contract consists of 161 pages, which he can provide to anyone who may have an interest in reporting election fraud.

Surprisingly, he also offers the Mobile Ballot Printing Service, for which he specifies the value depending on the number of voters in each county, and for periods of five years. 

Attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis on the one hand, and Sidney Powell and Lin Wood on the other, have gathered evidence of a enormous amount of fraud and have filed dozens of lawsuits in the appropriate courts, without positive results. 

It seems that there is an extensive network of corruption that strives to steal the election results and democracy in the United States, among its main actors would be those who benefit from it, mainly the Democrats and the enemies of the nation, including the CCP, Russia, and Iran.

At this moment all eyes are focused on Vice President Mike Pence, who will hold crucial power as he presides over tomorrow, Jan. 6, the session of Congress in which the votes presented by the Electoral College will be counted and the objections to those results will be addressed.

As a result of the fraud concentrated in six states, mainly, the nominee is the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, but more than 100 legislators are joining under the direction of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who will lead the process of challenging Biden for president.

President Donald Trump remains firm in his resolve to defend electoral integrity, and still has several options to enforce the will of the 75 million citizens who voted for his re-election. 

In his New Year’s message he predicted that together with Americans who love their nation they will achieve truly historic victories, according to the video of the speech given at the White House on Dec. 31.  

“And together we achieved truly historic victories like nobody ever thought possible,” he said in his speech. 

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