After Republican candidate Mariennette Miller-Meeks was elected to the Iowa House, defeated her Democratic opponent Rita Hart decided to make a grab for power by inciting the Democratic majority to take it for her. 

After the votes were properly counted and then recounted confirming Miller-Meeks as the winner, Hart said she accepted the results and would not challenge the Nov. 3 election results, according to Townhall on Dec. 22.  

Hart also received $3,180 from the Confucius International Education Group and $2,135 from the Pangaea International Academy, both linked to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), according to Fox News.

However, more than a month after accepting the will of Iowa’s voters, Hart opted to ask the House Democrats, who are in the majority, to review the vote and overturn it to give her the seat won by Miller-Meeks.

What is most outrageous to observers is that Hart is not following the regular channels and going through the courts but is instead inciting the Democratic majority to take back the power it legitimately lost. 

For Hart, it seems that the important thing is not to obtain justice, but to achieve “the result we need,” which were the words she used when addressing her fellow Democrats for help, according to the Townhall.

“Hart now wants a process led by a Californian, Nancy Pelosi, and decided in the hyper-partisan and dysfunctional environment of Washington and not according to Iowa law,” Miller-Meeks said in a tweet, who has 30 days to respond to Hart’s filing. 

Hart’s argument is considered “weak,” saying that she lost by six votes, but that 22 votes were wrongly excluded and that others were not taken into account during the recount.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called Hart “an excellent candidate. House Administration Committee Chairman Zoe Lofgren said the panel had begun reviewing Hart’s presentation, according to The Associated Press.

However, the Democrats’ electoral situation showed a great deal of decline on Election Day, Nov. 3. 

Numerous lawsuits by the Trump campaign for fraud challenged the votes of polling stations in several states, which certified Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden as the winner despite the dark circumstances of those results. 

As if that weren’t enough, the Democrats lost many seats, which passed to the Republican candidates to the point of calling into question Pelosi’s re-election as speaker of the House, as well as what the polls show.


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