The Biden team has recruited top executives from tech giants Facebook and Twitter, to censor any story that makes the Democratic presidential candidate look bad.

The American public has a right to know the facts about the presidential candidates, to help them make a decision they feel is the right one when it comes to their vote. By censoring vital material, tech giants are manipulating readers’ thinking, attempting to control the choices people make, and they have the personnel in place able to assist them.

Nick Pacilio the former press secretary to Kamala Harris is now in charge of Twitter communications. He is a senior communications manager at the social media giant, and according to his Linkedin page, Pacilio served as press secretary and deputy press secretary for Harris between 2011 and 2014, during the first part of her tenure as California attorney general. He joined Twitter in November 2014 as a senior communications associate and was later elevated to a manager position, as reported by Fox News on Aug. 12.

Last week, when the story on the Biden family’s alleged corrupt business dealings, Twitter and Facebook censored the New York Post story that detailed the family’s corruption, which included thousands of texts, photos, and videos.

The Biden team had hired top Facebook executive Jessica Hertz just days after the Democrats’ 2020 campaign penned a letter to Facebook, insisting it censor President Trump’s posts.

“As the vice president’s former deputy counsel with experience advising high-level federal agency officials, Jess is exactly the kind of thoughtful and principled decision-maker who can ensure the vice president’s high standards are upheld during the transition,” a campaign representative told the New York Post.

Carlos Monje, director of public policy at Twitter, left his job to work for the Biden transition team in September. According to his LinkedIn profile, Monje began working at Twitter in 2017 after serving in Barack Obama’s White House, as well as on the transition team for former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

The Twitter suppression of the Hunter Biden story occurred not long after Monje joined the Biden team. The New York Post is still locked out of its Twitter account for breaking the story on Hunter Biden.

Twitter also locked the official Trump campaign for sharing the video on Hunter Biden on Thursday, Oct. 15. The Trump campaign fired back, ‘This is election interference, plain and simple.’


Twitter has suspended ⁦@TeamTrump⁩ for posting a video calling Joe Biden a liar who has been ripping off our country for years, as it relates to the ⁦@nypost⁩ article.

19 days out from the election.

— Mike Hahn (@mikehahn_) October 15, 2020


“Your account has been locked,” the standard Twitter message read, just 19 days before Election Day. “What happened? We have determined that this account violated the Twitter Rules. Specifically, for: Violating our rules against posting private information.”

“You may not publish or post other people’s private information without their express authorization and permission,” the post reads.

In an attempt to get the information out to the public, the Trump campaign has posted the New York Post article to its website.

🚨The Trump campaign has posted the New York Post article in its entirety to our campaign website.

— Andrew Clark 🎃 (@AndrewHClark) October 15, 2020

On Sunday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy appeared on “Sunday Morning Futures,” and told host Maria Bartiromo Big Tech should “be ashamed of how they’re so clearly trying to aid the Joe Biden campaign,” after Twitter and Facebook censored the story on the Biden corruption.

“Just as China’s trying to influence our election, we now find that Twitter and Facebook are doing the exact same thing and they should be ashamed and the American public is outraged about this,” McCarthy added.

He referred to Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act saying, “It is time now that we scrap Section 230 and we start over.”

Section 230 states, “No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.”

“The American public desires free speech, so the federal government created a liability protection for tech companies to have a platform like Facebook and Twitter for liability protection where they cannot be sued so they just let information out and people are able to say what they want,” McCarthy said.

“But now, we’re watching that Big Tech is using this and censoring individuals,” he continued, adding that social media platforms are “censoring” the federal government, newspapers, and Americans “based upon what they believe.”

McCarthy said if Republicans “become the majority” after the 2020 election, “I could promise you, you’ll see this legislation in January.”

“But just as [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi has held any COVID [CCP Virus] relief for the American public, she has held up any legislation that will hold Big Tech accountable,” McCarthy continued.

Last Thursday, Republican Sens. Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, and Josh Hawley called on the heads of Twitter and Facebook to testify before Congress, after claims the social media platforms have censored any reports that are critical of Democrats.

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