President Donald Trump’s legal team has brought in high-profile lawyers to sue for the hundreds of thousands of votes cast in Democratic cities such as Detroit and Philadelphia, where Republican observers were sidelined from the election count and were also abused.

Now, former Justice Department officials Victoria Toensing and Sidney Powell, as well as former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova and campaign attorney Jenna Ellis, have joined the legal team coordinated by the president’s lead attorney, Rudy Giuliani.

According to Just the News, the lawsuit filed by President Trump’s legal team will be met in the Supreme Court with the defiant rhetoric of Paul Clement, who was attorney general in the Bush administration.

The lawyers are preparing their arguments to get the votes that were counted on election night and the next day without the presence of election observers, given the illegality that such a process would entail.

The electoral process in which the allegations of fraud have been made were marked by the abuse of voters treated in an illegal manner in several jurisdictions.

As Just the News has noted, President Trump’s campaign lawyers have identified more than 680,000 votes in Pennsylvania and about 250,000 in Michigan that they believe fall into the fraud category.

The case is supported by affidavits as well as lawsuits from citizens, some of whom are said to have experienced anomalous situations such as going to the polls and assuring them that they had already voted even though they had not.

Others listed themselves as voters in a state where no votes were cast. Others announced that they had witnessed inappropriate vote-counting activities as observers or election officials.

“President Trump is fighting to ensure that the people can have confidence in the legitimacy of the results for this election and every election in the future,” the president’s lawyers said.

“Led by [former] Mayor Giuliani, our legal team is aggressively pursuing the best legal remedies to stop the coordinated, systematic, pervasive irregularities, fraud, and outright disregard for the law that hijacked the 2020 election,” they add.

President Tump’s legal team has also announced legal action to overturn results in several states where Smartmatic and Dominion software was used to register voters, eventually leading to irregularities in states such as Michigan and Georgia, where Biden’s votes increased while President Trump’s dropped considerably.

According to Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz, the goal of President Trump’s campaign is not to get the president 270 electoral votes or more, it is to prevent Biden from getting 270 electoral votes and launch the election to the House.

The successful appeals attorney said the president’s legal team must go beyond sufficient legal arguments and also provide the courts with evidence that the number of votes challenged is sufficient to change the results in each contested state, Just the News reported.

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