Advancing fraud investigations that point to Democrats as the possible culprits, attorney Sidney Powell, who is part of the Trump campaign, said they are preparing to overturn the results in several states. 

In an interview, host Maria Bartiromo asked Powell to speak about the involvement of retired Adm. Peter Neffinger in this fraud case. 

Powell replied that Neffinger is president of Smartmatic and is on Biden’s transition team but that the partnership will have no future, “We’re fixin’ to overturn the results of the election in multiple states,” she announced in a video on Nov. 15.  

Powell stated that “President Trump won by not just hundreds of thousands of votes but by millions of votes that were shifted by this software [from Smartmatic and Dominion] that was designed expressly for that purpose.”

Powell backs up her statements with sworn testimony from witnesses who explained the criminal purpose for which the software was designed.

Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal attorney, linked Dominion Ballot Counting Systems, the company that counts the votes, as the property of Smartmatic, through an intermediary called Indra.

Powell also went on to say that Neffinger “was fully briefed on it. He saw it happen in other countries. It was exported internationally for profit by the people that are behind Smartmatic and Dominion.”

Prior to the interview, Bartiromo explained the background to the use of this software in U.S. elections.

“Dominion’s voting machines are used in 2,000 jurisdictions in 30 states, according to experts, if one site has a defect, it is likely that other sites will have as well,” Bartiromo said, recalling the failures that occurred in Georgia and Michigan on election night.

For Powell, it is reprehensible that such software was purchased from Smartmatic for vote counting, given the known history of fraud. 

“It is absolutely outrageous how people bought the system and why they bought this,” Powell said, adding that there were even illegal offsets in those purchase transactions. 

Smartmatic, which specializes in voting systems around the world, is noted for being linked to left-wing financier George Soros.

Its manager, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, is a board member of the Open Society Foundation, founded and funded by Soros, dedicated to promoting radical leftism and destabilizing the governments of various countries.

In the increasingly complex web of fraud based on the vote-counting systems administered by the company Dominion Ballot Counting Systems, a Twitter user even suggested that former president Obama may have knowledge of the terrible case. 

In his tweet @anonpatriotq adds a video in which Obama states that the president should accept the supposed victory of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, on the same day of the election or the next day, even before the media pointed to Biden as “president-elect.”

“Listen VERY carefully. BHO says it was time for Trump to concede ‘the day after the election or two days after…,'” tweeted @anonpatriotq

“At that point, not even the media had called the election. Why concede? Did BHO know all about Biden’s “voter [email protected] operation?”

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