Economist Jeffrey Sachs, who is shaping up as a potential progressive candidate for a position in Democrat Joe Biden’s Cabinet, appeared in Chinese state media this year, criticizing U.S. foreign policy, which he called an “unholy crusade against China.”

The Columbia University professor has written several articles in media allied to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) such as the Global Times, the China Daily, and even on the China Global Television Network (CGTN) itself. Since the beginning of 2000, he has maintained a close relationship with the CCP and the Chinese business elite, according to the Free Beacon.

Sachs has been an assiduous critic of the Trump administration’s foreign policy. In an interview with the BBC’s Asia Business Report, the economist called the United States “a force for creating a new cold war with China.”

Heritage Foundation foreign policy expert James Carafano said Sachs’s views on China diverge from those of the Democratic-Republican General Council on National Security.

“I think both Republicans and Democrats see China’s malicious activity as a threat,” Carafano told the Free Beacon.

“So, I think a lot of those comments are really out of mainstream for both Democrats and Republicans, and have nothing to do with whether you liked this administration’s policies on China or not,” he added.

Sachs has also criticized the restrictions imposed on Huawei, classifying them as undue “punitive measures,” and has condemned the sanctions imposed on the CCP for the controversial security law on Hong Kong, which led to an erosion of its autonomy.

Sachs has praised the CCP for its economic development programs, including the controversial Strip and Route mega-project through which the CCP promises loans to developing countries putting them into crippling debt.

The economist has also made frequent appearances on well-known American media such as CNN, MSNBC, gaining recognition among progressive opinion and now his name resonates among those who would make up Biden’s Cabinet.

Sachs is an opponent of the tariffs imposed against China that he calls political measures that undermine free trade, according to the Free Beacon.

In line with Sachs is the former U.S. ambassador to China, Max Baucus, who has also appeared in the Chinese propaganda media condemning the Trump administration.

Baucus went so far as to put China’s interests ahead of the United States by assuring the Beijing Review, “China is going to have an economy larger than the U.S. and not too many years from now.”

Baucus, who served as U.S. ambassador to China under the Obama administration, is now a Chinese policy adviser to the Biden campaign, which would involve a much softer new U.S. approach to China.

While Sachs has argued on more than one occasion highlighting China’s development policy and similarly has written dozens of academic articles on the Chinese economy, in 2018 he expressed skepticism about the documented human rights abuse suffered by Muslim ethnic minorities in northeast China at the hands of the CCP.

At a time when several media outlets had reported the detention of more than 1 million Uighurs in the alleged forced labor camps that the CCP insists on calling re-education camps, Sachs called the issue propaganda against the CCP.

A report issued by Human Right Watch in February of this year states, “Chinese authorities continue to enjoy impunity for these systematic rights violations. Muslim-majority countries, including democracies such as Malaysia and Indonesia, have remained largely silent.”

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