Nancy Pelosi talked to reporters on Friday, Dec. 6, after announcing that she wants the House to move forward with a vote on impeachment, but she exploded when a reporter asked her an obvious question, “Do you hate the President?”

Pelosi left the podium and then got closer the reporter, pointing her finger at him to say with strong voice, “I don’t hate anybody. As a Catholic, I resent your using the word hate in a sentence that addresses me. … Don’t mess with me when it comes to words like that.”

“I pray for the President all the time,” she added.||95b1887cf__

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Then Pelosi went back the podium to accuse President Trump of being “cruel for not helping dreamers” and “denying of climate crisis.”

“I think the President is a COWARD when it comes to helping out kids who are afraid of gun violence… …I think he is CRUEL when doesn’t deal with helping our Dreamers…. …i think he is in DENIAL about the climate crisis…” Pelosi claimed.

Social media users quickly retweeted the video with comments about Pelosi’s attitude.

“Nancy Pelosi just snapped and jabbed her finger at a reporter who asked her if she hates the president. Then claimed that she prays for the president “all the time.” Insane. Liar. Corrupt.”

“Wow. Pelosi is unhinged. She just completely snapped.”

“Nancy Pelosi is UNHINGED this morning. Don’t hold your breath though that there will be multiple columns defending the reporter who asked her if she hates President Trump. In response to the question, Pelosi threatened the reporter: “Don’t mess with me.””

Nancy Pelosi reprimanded & shamed a reporter over a simple question.”

“Democrats call Trump, among other things, “fascist,” “Nazi,” “dictator,” “grifter,” “anti-Semite,”homophobic,”racist,” “traitor,” “sexist,” and “Putin’s asset.” But hey, don’t you DARE ASK Speaker Pelosi if she “hates” Trump.”

Just a reminder for the staunch Catholic @SpeakerPelosi that the Catholic Church teaches abortion is “a crime against human life.””

From this meltdown, do you think Pelosi hates the President or not?

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