Michigan Senate candidate John James on Friday, Oct. 16, fired back at Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden who called him a “disaster.”

Biden took a shot at James during his campaign speech in Southfield, Michigan, on Friday when he told incumbent Sen. Gary Peters (D-Mich.) that President Donald Trump, his fellow Republicans and James want to end the Affordable Care Act.

“This isn’t hyperbole. Just like your opponent calls it a disaster,” Biden said, as reported by Michigan Live. “Talk about a disaster—there’s a disaster. [James says he is] 2,000% or 200%—whatever it is—with Trump. Hope everybody remembers.”

James, a West Point graduate who served eight years in the Army (two on combat duty in Iraq), responded with a video on Twitter, saying he is actually “a disaster for national Democrats’ narrative.”

“Joe Biden, don’t forget your place in black America,” James said. “You’re only where you are because you were Barack Obama’s vice president. That’s it. That’s it. The people who you rely on so desperately for the position you’re in, and for the position you want, are African Americans.”

“Yet, you continue to insult us. You ain’t black if you don’t vote for me, asking somebody if they’re a junkie, calling the president, Barack Obama, clean, as if he wouldn’t be for some other reason,” he continued. “You have some serious issues, Joe Biden, the biggest of which being you were in power for 44 years and black folks continued to fall behind.”

James went on to criticize the policies Biden advocated throughout his tenure that harmed the black community. 

“You have problems, Joe Biden, because the same votes that you’re courting, talking about racial injustice, you authored the crime bill—or have you forgotten? You’re responsible for sending a generation of what you call super predators to jail. You’re responsible for breaking the black family apart or at least not helping, continuing to support sending us to failing schools, making sure that our outcomes are tied to our ZIP codes,” he said.

“Why should we believe you?” he asked. “We don’t believe you. All you have done is gotten rich off the backs of our efforts.”

Biden has recently seen his edge dip with young Black voters. A poll released by Forbes in September showed the former vice president led President Trump 70% to 20% among Black voters — a 7% decline from June and a 6% uptick for President Trump.

James is running neck and neck with Peters whom Democrats are trying to defend in order to take back control of the Senate majority on Election Day.

A super PAC aligned with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) spent $5.4 million in ads to help Peters win the race, reported Fox News.

“Chuck Schumer’s Senate Majority PAC will spend $5.4 million in one week — this is the most money they are spending on any Democrat in the entire nation,” James’s general consultant, Stu Sandler, wrote to Fox News. “They are very nervous about John James, and they should be.”

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