Breaking with the social stigmas imposed by the left, Byron Donalds, the new African American Republican congressman from Florida, admires President Trump for his attitude and warns that he and his colleagues in Congress will have to channel that same attitude in order to confront the Squad and its leftist ideals. 

Byron Donalds, in a dialogue with Fox News, spoke about President Trump’s accomplishments over the past four years and the support he achieved from the black and Latino community, despite the prejudices the radical left tried to spread about his ideals and his completely unfounded racism. 

Donalds stressed the importance of President Trump’s authentic style and manner in achieving his accomplishments, “In the black community, swag is a factor,” Donalds told Fox News. “Love him or hate him, the man’s got swag. He knows what he wants. He doesn’t apologize for it. And he’s going to go get it.”

The new congressman from Florida dedicated part of his words to criticize the socialist movement and warned about the power of the Squad and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.). He also spoke of the importance of generating a Republican countergroup to confront the initiatives of the Squad. 

Donalds appeared in the same line as New York Republican representative-elect Nicole Malliotakis, who told Fox News on Friday, Nov. 13, that, together with the newly elected members of the House, they intend to form an “Anti-Socialist Squad” to counteract the ideas of the radical-left Democrats acting under the Squad.

Being interviewed on the “Fox & Friends,” Malliotakis made strong statements against the radical left promoted by the Democrats. She warned that people, at least in New York City, are tired of the measures the Democrats are taking by giving free rein to left-wing extremisms. 

“I can tell you here in NYC, and I assume in cities across America, people were really fed up with the direction the Democrats were trying to take us,” said Malliotakis, who will represent New York’s 11th district.

Malliotakis, the daughter of a Cuban immigrant who managed to take refuge in the United States by fleeing Castro’s communist regime, was very concerned about the advances of the left, not only in New York City, but throughout the country and even within the House. 

Malliotakis said, “You have AOC and the socialist squad.” But she also left a reassuring message saying, “Now we have individuals who come from very diverse backgrounds—many of whom fled communism or socialism themselves or are like me, a daughter of a Cuban refugee—to be those messengers to say why socialism is bad and to push back and to make sure that we fight to preserve our freedoms and liberties and we reopen our economy, we keep the capitalist system that provides jobs and opportunity.” 

According to the vote count in the election, support for President Trump among the Black and Latino communities, far from declining as predicted by opposition polls, increased significantly over the 2016 election.

According to election reports reported by The Associated Press and analyzed by Fox News, President Trump gained 8% support among black voters, up from 6% in 2016. And among Latino voters the increase was about 7 percentage points, from 28% of votes obtained in 2016, to over 35%.

Latino and black voters are historically a captive vote for any Democratic candidate, yet President Trump, despite all the lies that the legacy media produced about his alleged racist policies, far from decreasing the number of voters, increased.

President Trump managed to reach out to the Latino community, through his constant condemnation of the socialist and communist policies that a large part of American Latinos have suffered in their home countries.

The Trump administration during its 2020 campaign announced the development of the Platinum Plan, which includes promises to brand the KKK and antifa as terrorist organizations, increase security in predominantly African American neighborhoods, and create 3 million jobs for the black community by strengthening Trump’s immigration policies to protect American jobs, among other things. Nearly $500 billion was also pledged for the plan’s policies.

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