Donald Trump Jr., was interviewed Sunday on Fox News’s “Life, Liberty & Levin,” and again questioned the mental and physical health of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden as he faces the job’s heavy responsibilities.

While the mainstream media avoided mentioning Joe Biden’s health status, President Trump’s entourage repeatedly took it upon itself to mention the issue and question the Democratic candidate’s status.

Trump Jr.’s concern is not in vain, having witnessed firsthand the work his father has been doing in the presidency and how exhausting it is to carry out the responsibilities demanded by the office.

“You see how draining this job is. I mean, Joe Biden refuses to campaign. He’s not even doing Zoom calls. He’s staying in his basement,” Trump’s oldest son told the Fox News anchor.

A series of errors in his speeches and confusing statements that led him into embarrassing situations in front of the public, caused many experts to question Biden’s ability to govern the country.

In their eagerness to destroy or harm President Trump, Trump Jr. also pointed out that the opposition media are capable of omitting a key fact such as the deteriorated mental health of the candidate who will run against the current president.

On the contrary, he remarked that if “Donald Trump had a fraction of this, it would be a disqualifying factor as far as the media is concerned. They would talk about it nonstop. Every television psychologist would be on TV saying that it’s over.”

As reported by Fox News, Biden himself agreed last year that it is entirely valid for people to ask questions about their health status if they decide to run for president, given their medical history, which included brain surgery in 1988.

For his part, former President Barack Obama’s White House chief medical officer, Dr. Ronny Jackson, also expressed concern about former Vice President Joe Biden’s mental health and physical stamina. He said he saw him as lost in a recently published interview and that something is not right with him.

The full interview will be published in the September Donald Trump Jr. book “Liberal Privilege,” due for release in September. Jackson, Obama’s former White House physician, said when asked his impression of presidential candidate Joe Biden’s health, “The best way I can describe him every time I see him is that he’s just lost.

Some media, such as Just the News, published excerpts from the book:

“Jackson, during his work as Obama’s presidential physician, said he witnessed the changes in then-Vice President Joe Biden in person and over time. While he identifies him as a person who is always prone to making mistakes when speaking, he says it’s now not just mistakes but difficulty forming sentences or even completing thoughts and resolving situations he finds himself in. “

“His cognitive decline has got to a point where I’m not comfortable as a citizen of this country having him as my commander-in-chief,” said Jackson.

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