President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., criticized LeBron James for the double standards applied by the left that shows indignation of his father’s policies, but excuses the human rights violations perpetrated by the Chinese regime.

“The atrocities of the Chinese regime are fairly well documented by both Republicans and Democrats,” Trump Jr. said in response to the NBA basketball player who said Daryl Morey, CEO of Houston Rockets, was misinformed about China, he said on Jeff Poor’s Nov. 1 program.

Trump Jr. made the statements while promoting his book “Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us,” on “The Jeff Poor Show” on WVNN Radio in Huntsville, Alabama.

This refers to Morey last month posting a tweet supporting protests by Hong Kong citizens demanding respect for their rights that angered the Communist Party of China (CCP).

In fact, the tweet was deleted, and NBA President Adam Silver said Chinese regime officials called for Morey’s removal, but he had denied that possibility, according to AP News.

Trump Jr. noted the contradictory behavior of the sportsman, who actively criticizes the president of the United States, but does not do so in the face of atrocities committed by China’s communist political system.

He also said, “Ever since my father entered the [presidential] race, [LeBron] has been talking about how horrible America is while making $100 million a year.”

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