The president the political campaign trail Friday, Oct. 16, in Macon, Georgia, a state with a large African American population, again reaffirmed to his supporters that he is the president who has done the most for the black community, Breitbart reported.

“I got criminal justice reform done, prison reform, Opportunity Zones with Tim Scott from South Carolina—a great, great man, great person,” President Trump said.

The reforms the president mentioned refer to the First Step Act of 2018 that brings together a series of regulations that, for example, reduce sentences for minor offenses, release prisoners who have maintained good behavior over a certain period of time, and the federal government provides a budget for released prisoners to get jobs and re-enter society.

President Trump celebrated the scope of the reforms by saying, “Our roaring economy has, for the first time ever, given many former prisoners the ability to get a great job and a fresh start. This second chance at life is made possible because we passed landmark criminal justice reform into law.”

According to The Root, a black community media outlet, 91% of the beneficiaries of prison and judicial reforms are African American. 

As for the opportunity zones created by the Jobs and Tax Relief Act of 2017, it refers to “an economically distressed community in which private investments, under certain conditions, may be eligible for capital gains tax incentives,” as described by the U.S. Economic Development Administration.

The initiative seeks to encourage companies to invest in these low-income areas to generate jobs, and companies may defer payment of taxes on any prior earnings invested in a Qualified Opportunity Fund until the date the investment is sold or exchanged, whichever comes first, until the end of 2026.

President Trump also took on the education of the black community, one of the most important issues due to the poor quality of education in African American communities in the United States.

The president allocated a budget of $255 million per year to fund programs at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). President Trump also signed the Farm Bill that includes more than $100 million for scholarships, research, and centers of excellence at HBCU land grant institutions.

In addition, the president has been a strong advocate of what is known as “school choice” and “charter schools”—both concepts that enjoy the support of the nation’s black community.

School choice allows public education funds to follow students to the schools or services that best meet their needs, whether it is a public school, private school, charter school, home schooling, or any other learning environment that parents choose for their children.

This option uses federal funds earmarked for public schools for other institutions, something Joe Biden and the Democrats have opposed for decades and their policies force students to attend schools within their districts.

In fact, a critical point in the education of the black community is precisely that being in low-income neighborhoods—the schools and education they receive is of poor quality, classrooms are overcrowded and there are building problems. With the option of choosing the institution where to study, African Americans are given the possibility of a better education.

Charter schools or partially funded schools, which also involve diverting federal funds to private institutions, allow students to attend better schools that are not necessarily within their districts, a similar concept to school choice.

“When we divert public funds to private schools, we undermine the entire public education system,” Biden tweeted in January. “We’ve got to prioritize investing in our public schools, so every kid in America gets a fair shot. That’s why I oppose vouchers.”

However, polls show that up to 70% of African Americans support the idea of school choice and charter schools. This is another big difference between Democratic leaders and President Trump, where one chooses for himself what is best for the people, and the other simply seeks to fulfill what the people themselves want.

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