Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Chad Wolf sent a letter on Monday, Aug. 31, to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, urging him to seek federal help to end the violence and unrest in the city that has been going on for more than 90 days, or his department will be forced to do so on its own, Fox News reported.

Four days ago, Ted Wheeler rejected President Trump’s offer of help, accusing him of only making matters worse, referring to events in which federal agents had to intervene in Portland when protesters tried to burn down the federal courthouse in Hatfield.

In his letter, Wolf accuses Wheeler, “Your inaction has fostered an environment that has fueled senseless violence and destruction night after night.”

According to a July 8 Fox News article, the damage caused at the time, just 40 days into the riots, was estimated to cost some $23 million. 

Wolf also called on the mayor to get rid of Multnomah District Attorney Mike Schmidt, who announced on Aug. 11 that he would not prosecute “individuals who have committed such crimes as interference with a law enforcement officer, rioting, criminal trespass, second-degree disorderly conduct, escape, or a city ordinance violation,” a person who basically releases criminals who are caught by the police.

Wolf ended his letter by saying, “I urge you to prioritize public safety and to request federal assistance to restore law and order in Portland. We are standing by to support Portland. At the same time, President Trump has made it abundantly clear that there will come a point when state and local officials fail to protect its citizens from violence, the federal government will have no choice but to protect our American citizens.”

In order for President Trump to send the National Guard or Homeland Security agents or other federal forces to Portland without being requested to do so by the mayor or other higher local authority, he must resort to the 1807 Insurrection Act, which allows the federal government to intervene to restore peace in times of crisis.

However, President Trump has been reluctant to use force without coordinating with local authorities and this has left these Democrats leaders exposed, as in the case of Ted Wheeler who even participated in demonstrations, for their soft hand on crime or simply because they believe that the riots are justified under the banner of social justice.

How is Portland doing these days?

Andy Ngo, an investigative journalist posted this video on his Twitter account on Sept. 1: 

The building seen in the video is Ted Wheeler’s residence.

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