A new delivery of emails found on an abandoned laptop belonging to Hunter Biden, son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, shows the beginnings of the controversial trade relations established with the Chinese energy giant CEFC.

In 2015, while Joe Biden was serving as vice president, Hunter Biden was approached by a consultant who offered to invest $100 million in one of his asset management companies, the Daily Caller reported Jan. 4. 

This business caused serious “counterintelligence” and “criminal finance” concerns because of the links CEFC has with Chinese military intelligence, according to Senate investigations. 

These concerns were based on the millions of dollars Hunter Biden received in 2017. For consulting and legal fees alone, he received $6 million. Although this amount is small given that he had already conducted multi-billion dollar business in China. 

In addition, CEFC consultant Scott Oh offered to donate money to Biden for humanitarian aid, given Biden’s involvement in related activities. 

Hunter Biden served as president of the U.S. World Food Program until 2015. Oh supplemented his offer with invitations from the entire Biden family to come to China, in addition to paying Biden’s fees as a speaker.

“All expenses will be covered, as well as speaking engagements,” Oh wrote to Hunter Biden in one of the disclosed emails. 

Oh later reported that Vuk Jeremic, a former Serbian foreign minister, had discussed CEFC’s business with Hunter Biden’s partners.

Jeremic said the CEFC hired him in November 2013, paying him $330,000 a year to “open doors” to the company.

“In the case of Jeremic, this included helping CEFC establish new contacts within the U.N. framework and making deals on its behalf, in exchange for political prominence through meetings with Xi Jinping and a lucrative consultancy position with CEFC following his U.N. post,” the Royal United Services Institute reported in August 2020.

The U.S. intelligence services investigated the CEFC for bribery, and also its former president, Ye Jianming, who is linked to the military intelligence of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Ye was secretary general of the Chinese Association for International Federal Friendly Contact (CAIFC), a propaganda agency of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

It appears that CEFC was not only a commercial enterprise but also a front for the PLA to interact with important people in other countries. It was described as a “platform for political war” in a report by the Project 2049 Institute.

Starting in 2010, CEFC made investments in Europe, Africa, and the United States in various economic sectors, including energy. 

According to an email sent to Tony Bobulinski, one of Hunter Biden’s partners, Biden talks about Ye and a $9.1 billion deal between CEFC and Russian oil giant Rosneft in 2017, according to Daily Caller. 

The Daily Caller’s version of Ye Jianmig goes so far as to say that he disappeared when he was involved in a CCP investigation into bribery in 2018. 

According to data provided by dissidents linked to Chinese billionaire Miles Guo, a New York resident, Ye was reportedly killed and thrown into a river after it was discovered that he was communicating with Bo Xilai, a political opponent of Xi Jinping in the “past,” according to a tweet. 

It seems that one of Bo’s daughters, JiaQi Bao, was the contact between Biden and Ye, and Biden, upon realizing it, turned her in to Xi, causing Ye’s misfortune.