House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced in a statement Thursday, Dec. 5, that Democrats will continue the impeachment process of U.S. President Donald Trump.

After reviewing the historical and legal origins of the impeachment mechanism contemplated in the U.S. legal system to defend the republic from presidents who abuse their power, Pelosi restated the accusation of abuse of power by President Trump.

Although none of the witnesses called by the Democrats was a fact witness to the call in which President Trump allegedly pressured the Ukrainian president to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden.

The transcript of the call shows that there was no pressure of any kind from the president, but only a normal conversation between leaders on serious issues such as corruption.

Even Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy himself has denied having been subjected to any pressure or blackmail from President Trump and has offered to help the president prove his innocence as necessary.

The investigation of Joe Biden seems inevitable as he publicly proclaimed how he had blackmailed the Ukrainian president at the time into firing the prosecutor investigating the energy company that employed his own son for a very high salary.

After all the irregularities of this process, which in its initial phase did not even allow the president’s lawyer to be present during the hearings with witnesses.

The Republicans have not been free to question or call their own witnesses.

Notwithstanding the dangerous and selective leaks to the press were meant to damage the president’s image in public opinion when the hearings were still secret.

Considering the suspicious connections that have been found between many of the witnesses—intelligence agents, diplomats, and even congressmen—and shady businesses in Ukraine.

After one of the law professors consulted yesterday at the first hearing of the House Judiciary Committee said the president had committed no crime.

The majority of citizens do not agree with this process and demand that liberals stop trying to take down President Trump and get to work.

In spite of all this, Pelosi announced on Thursday that they will continue with the impeachment and added, “God help us.”

And everything suggests that help is what the Democrats are going to need, especially since more and more investigations are revealing that there are many more suspicious connections between businessmen and corrupt foreign politicians with the Democratic Party than with Donald Trump.

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