As the electoral process continues, the losses suffered by the Democrats in some districts are already certain and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio are desperately attacking each other.

Cuomo ridiculed de Blasio saying, “They’ll turn New York State into New York City, looting and crime and homelessness, law and order,” by imitating what a Republican would say about what happened in New York City, according to the New York Post of Nov. 5. 

He also considered the Republicans’ campaign successful in sending messages describing the Democrats, his opponents. 

“I believe the Republicans beat the Democrats on the messaging. I think they branded Democrats as anti-law and order and that hurt Democrats … the Republicans did that successfully,” he told his interviewer, Alan Chartock, quoted by the New York Post.

Months earlier, Cuomo had already attacked de Blasio administration by referring to the Big Apple as “dirty” beset by the “homeless problem” and with “rising crime.”

Those arguments were used by Republican candidates for the Senate against both the governor and the mayor. 

Since Cuomo also proposed policies that proved unpopular such as budgeting and the elimination of bail requirements for misdemeanors and for most nonviolent felony charges, these were also used by Republicans.

De Blasio also had arguments to counter Cuomo, almost simultaneously, through his own daily press conference, foreshadowing an internal division.

“I think what I’ll do going forward is just make sure I strongly endorse the Republican candidates and confuse matters going forward in New York State,” he said in a satirical way.

Not only did Democrats suffer regional losses like Cuomo laments, but the majority they boasted of in the House was also weakened.  

From a meeting held between Democratic representatives on Nov. 5, it was leaked that they were desperate to have pushed for the defunding of the police and their radical leftist tendency, to which they attributed their loss of seats in the elections. 

The situation of the Democrats in the House is such that they would even be forging a replacement for Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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