Fox News contributor Deroy Murdock in a blistering Dec. 2 opinion column tore apart Democratic efforts to tie the president “to any impeachable offense” amid the ongoing impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.

The New York based Fox contributor spared no time unloading on an impeachment inquiry that is now quickly losing support.

“The Democrats’ ‘bombshell’ hearings fizzled like wet firecrackers,” Murdock wrote. “Hypnotic witnesses expressed policy and stylistic differences with President Trump but failed to tie him to any impeachable offense.”

Citing Democrats’ failure to establish concrete evidence of wrongdoing by President Trump, Murdock took a jab at Democrat-summoned witnesses—who did nothing more than deliver assumptions while providing no substantive information.

“Witness after witness failed to connect President Donald J. Trump to treason, bribery, or any other high crime or misdemeanor,” Murdock wrote.

“Appearing before Schiff’s House Intelligence Committee, several witnesses presumed, assumed, or imagined that military aid to Ukraine was tied to Ukraine’s probing Hunter and Joe Biden,” Murdock continued his analysis in a Nov. 25 column on TTN. “However, when questioned, no one—not even the Democrats’ strongest witness, Ambassador Gordon Sondland—ever heard Trump establish any such quid pro quo.”

Murdock then blasted “Democratic Grinches” for robbing Americans of “the most wonderful time of the year” as they scrambled to carry on with removing the president from office.

“The House Judiciary Committee presumably would write articles of impeachment in mid-December, as Americans decorate Christmas trees, savor “The Nutcracker Suite,” and sing carols at joyous gatherings,” Murdock lamented. “The House then would conduct a loud, abrasive impeachment debate, as every TV news program, call-in radio show, editorial page, and current-affairs website echoed the pros, cons, objections, and rebuttals surrounding this fiasco.”

But Murdock’s disappointment toward Democrats doesn’t stop there.

“House leaders reportedly want a final impeachment vote on December 20—two days before Hanukkah and four days before Christmas Eve. So, as Americans celebrate peace, love, and understanding, divisive Democrats would deliver bitterness, the nullification of 63 million votes, and the reversal of 2016’s presidential election — because the sorest losers since the Stone Age hate Trump’s guts for crushing Hillary,” Murdock wrote.

Murdock noted that the American public, already exhausted from an impeachment inquiry that is “ultimately futile,” is only going to be regretted by Democratic lawmakers.

“Since Senate Republicans most assuredly would block Trump’s conviction, Americans — already tiring of impeachment — would be exhausted, frustrated, and enraged at Democrats for frittering away their hard-fought House majority on this ultimately futile exercise. Come November 2020, nauseated voters might trigger a Republican trifecta: Trump’s reelection, a renewed Senate majority, and a takeover of the House, as the GOP captures most or all of the 31 congressional districts that candidate Trump secured in 2016 but Democrats snatched in 2018. Democrats then would confirm their maturity and relevance by screaming outdoors until their vocal cords snapped.”

“Democrats are about to turn the No. 1 item on their gift list into a stocking full of smoldering, carbon-footprint-stomping, Pennsylvania-losing coal,” Murdock warned.

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