Two different polls coincide in showing the historic result obtained by President Donald Trump, accordingly 34.5% of the country’s African American voters support his re-election.

On the one hand, Rasmussen reported a 34 percent approval on Nov. 22, while Emerson Polling presented its poll in which 34.5 of the participants from the same demographic group also supported the president.

Deneen Borelli, an African American supporter of the president, wrote in a tweet that the approval rating is “the Democrats’ worst nightmare.”

On the other hand, on Nov. 8 in Atlanta (Georgia) there was a very inspiring event sponsored by a group called Black Voices for Trump, which was attended by President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, according to Fox News.

“We’ve done more for African Americans in three years than the broken establishment in Washington has done in more than 30 years,” President Trump said.

“Last month, the African American unemployment rate reached the lowest level ever recorded in our country’s history,” summarized President Trump.

Columnist Herman Cain wrote for the Western Journal that he was at the event and “the energy was incredible.” He also noted the lack of media coverage.

Within the African American community, the pro-Trump pronouncement of singer Kanye West has become emblematic, who said that the president “is a hero.”

He also expressed his strong support for the re-election of the president and rejected the decision to vote based on race, claiming that this would be “mental slavery.”

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