House Democrats are widely expected to lobby the Oval Office to ban new oil drilling on U.S. land.

The Congressional Progressive Caucus is speculated to push Joe Biden not to permit more oil exploration on public property. This request comes despite soaring gasoline prices due to the continuing Russia-Ukraine conflict.

“Progressive Caucus member Rep. Jared Huffman (D-Calif.) told me calling on Biden to declare a climate emergency is one of the ‘centerpiece’ actions to headline their executive order plan,'” Politico energy and climate change reporter Josh Siegel said on Twitter.

“A draft of the plan I saw also calls for Biden to ban oil/gas drilling on public lands and end fossil fuel subsidies,” he added.

Siegel revealed the congressman also foreshadowed plans to pursue executive orders that promote “environmental justice and clean air and water.”

“The national emergency declaration would unlock Biden’s authority to invoke the Defense Production Act in order to build more renewable energy and heat pumps,” he said.

“The United States could use those clean energy products domestically to reduce exposure to Russian fossil fuels but, more importantly, Huffman said companies could export them to Europe–which is more reliant on Russian oil and gas,” he added.

The Democrat appeared to overlook that utility providers can only use solar, wind, and hydro sources to supplement existing fossil fuel power plants.

Renewable energy sources are still not technologically advanced enough to replace conventional fossil fuels altogether.

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