Nine Democrats from New York are pursuing new legislation that renames a state park to stop honoring the former president.

The New York State Assembly has advanced Bill A466, which directs park authorities to assign a new name for Donald J. Trump State Park in Yorktown Heights, 50 miles north of downtown Manhattan.

The Empire State’s Standing Committee on Tourism, Parks, Arts, and Sports Development voted 14-7 to proceed with the legislation, which directs Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Commissioner Erik Kulleseid to designate a new name “other than Donald J. Trump State Park.”

Democratic Assemblywoman Nily Rozic and her colleagues suggested the tribute to former President Trump was a disgrace and even an embarrassment to the state.

“Our parks should foster and strengthen the sense of purpose, wellbeing, and identity of the citizens of this state,” the bill wording said. “Names of these parks and green spaces should embody the goals of uplifting and unifying New Yorkers. For these reasons, the Donald J. Trump State Park should be renamed.”

Rozic revealed she felt ashamed about the park being named in honor of a former president.

“Our parklands should be reflective of New Yorkers that we can be proud of, New Yorkers that have expressed our values,” she said according to Politico. “There are a lot of other New Yorkers who are worthy of the honor of having a park named after themselves.”

If the bill is fully approved, Kulleseid will be ordered to immediately replace and maintain “appropriate signage and any other administrative actions” required by the new rules.

Tourism Committee Chairman Danny O’Donnell (D) believes there is reasonable doubt that former President Trump’s lawyers would launch a legal action to block the bill.

“I do not think [Trump] will have the resources to care when the time comes but maybe he would,” he said according to Politico. “He is sufficiently a narcissist.”

The bill was co-sponsored by fellow Democratic New York Assembly members Carmen de la Rosa, Harvey Epstein, Judy Griffin, Anna Kelles, Donna Lupardo, Amy Paulin, Philip Ramos, and Jo Anne Simon.