Officials in the District of Columbia, faced with the mega-march announced for Jan. 6 in defense of President Trump and democracy, intend to categorize it as an event organized by extremists and racists seeking to spread fear and therefore less attended. On the contrary, the event is organized by pacifist conservatives, who fight for truth and democracy.

District of Columbia Attorney General Karl Racine (D), in a dialogue with CBS News, said he was concerned about the massive march expected next Wednesday when thousands and thousands of Trump’s supporters will come to D.C. to complain about the scandalous electoral fraud in the presidential elections. 

In an attempt to spread unfounded fear, Racine said he has a “high degree of anxiety” and fear that white supremacist groups will come to D.C. to “provoke fights and cause property damage.” In doing so, he sought, as so many other Democrats do, to identify and generalize Trump supporters as racist and violent. Nothing could be further from the truth.

According to the rally’s website, the rally will feature a wide range of conservatives, including Jenny Beth Martin of the Tea Party Patriot, Phyllis Schlafly Eagles President Ed Martin, Moms for America founder and President Kimberly Fletcher, and Andrew Pollack, a school safety activist whose daughter was killed in the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. 

All of them were great fighters for democracy and traditional and righteous values, just contrary to the idea of reaching goals using violence. 

In addition, there will be many Republican lawmakers who will also be speakers during the event. None of them would want to participate in a violent demonstration. 

It is curious that Racine is “fearful” of President Trump’s activists, when Democratic authorities in D.C. have given groups like Black Lives Matter and antifa the freedom to demonstrate. To the point that the central plaza where the protesters are being called has been renamed the BLM, by order of D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser herself.

President Donald Trump himself called on his followers to join the massive mobilization on Jan. 6 in Washington. The organizers have advanced that it could be the “biggest event in the history” of the nation’s capital.

“See you in Washington D.C. on January 6. Don’t miss it,” President Trump wrote in a tweet.

On Jan. 6, 2021, the joint session of the House and the Senate will take place to count the electoral votes.

In the event that a representative and a senator file an objection to the electoral votes, the session must recess and both chambers will debate for up to two hours whether to accept it or not.

In order for the petition to succeed, it must be supported by a majority vote in each chamber.

In the event that the objections are successful and no candidate reaches 270 electoral votes, the House will elect the next president.

It seems that a huge crowd of people who love the country is preparing to travel to Washington, in support of the President Donald Trump, who defends electoral constitutionality, violated in many ways this year. 

The co-founder of the political organization Tea Party Patriots Martin, denounced on her Twitter account that the Democratic authorities are putting up barriers and spreading fear to prevent the call, “WOW: They are working overtime to stop people from coming to Washington DC to protest election fraud. DC Mayor closed indoor dining. Price gouging with airlines and hotels. Now some hotels are CLOSING during the event dates. We will still be there to #StopTheSteal!”

She added, “You have nothing to fear from the patriots, it’s ANTIFA and BLM you need to worry about. They loot and burn, but no one dares to complain.”