The Trump administration formally notified the United Nations on Monday that the United States will begin its withdrawal from the Paris climate accord. Democrats quickly slammed that decision.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Monday, Nov. 4 that he submitted a formal notice to the United Nations to start a withdrawal process. His statement praised America’s carbon pollution cuts and called the Paris deal an “unfair economic burden” to the U.S. economy.

“In international climate discussions, we will continue to offer a realistic and pragmatic model — backed by a record of real world results — showing innovation and open markets lead to greater prosperity, fewer emissions, and more secure sources of energy,” Pompeo said in a statement.

President Trump has criticized the nonbinding agreement, which 195 countries signed in 2015, saying other countries benefit from the climate accord at the expense of America. Wealthier countries such as the United States had pledged to assist financially struggling countries meet their greenhouse-gas emissions-reduction goals, according to National Review.

The president has been promising withdrawal for two years, and Monday was the time he started to fulfill his promise.

The Paris climate agreement set goals on preventing another 0.9 degrees (0.5 degrees Celsius) to 1.8 degrees (1 degree Celsius) of warming from current levels. The deal calls for nations to come up with more ambitious pollution cuts every five years, starting in November 2020. 

Pompeo said U.S. net greenhouse gas emissions dropped 13% from 2005 to 2017 “even as our economy grew over 19 percent.”

“We will continue to work with our global partners to enhance resilience to the impacts of climate change and prepare for and respond to natural disasters,” Pompeo added.

The announcement from the Trump administration quickly drew complaints from Democrats.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi released a statement, saying “Trump’s shockingly reckless decision to formally pull the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement is yet another disastrous anti-science, anti-government decision … Democrats will continue to stand by our commitments to our partners … to address this global crisis.”

Meanwhile, Chuck Schumer reacted to the news by claiming, “Future generations will look back on President Trump’s decision as a dramatic step backward in the fight to address the climate crisis that will hurt our planet, our economy, and our national security for decades to come.”

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders promised to rejoin the agreement if he can be the president.

When we take back the White House, we will not only rejoin the Paris Agreement. We will launch the decade of the Green New Deal to lead the world in averting the climate crisis and create 20 million new jobs,” he tweeted.

Former Vice President Joe Biden aimed at President Trump and called his decision “shameful.”

As the climate crisis worsens each day and California burns and Iowa floods, Trump continues to abandon science and our international leadership. He just notified the United Nations of our official withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. It’s shameful,” he said.

On the contrary, Senator Ted Cruz from Texas defended President Trump by saying the Paris agreement is unfair and “economically devastating.”

Today President Trump followed through on his promise to relieve our nation of the unfair & economically devastating requirements of the Paris Climate Agreement, which would fundamentally disadvantage the US in the global economy & do nothing to decrease global temperatures,” he tweeted.

Trump supporter, Charlie Kirk, celebrated the withdrawal of United States from “the Paris Climate disaster.”

He explained that the Obama administration promised to spend trillions for a nonbinding agreement that China won’t follow, in order to lower global temperature only 1 degree.

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