The House on Wednesday kickstarts the historic public hearings of the Democrat-led impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump, but the questionable tactics used by Democrats to carry out the procedure have seen widespread criticism from conservatives.

As a contributor to The Hill, Jenna Ellis Rives in an opinion column ripped House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) for hypocritically claiming at a Nov. 6 press conference that, “open hearings will be an opportunity for the American people to evaluate” and learn “about the facts of the president’s misconduct.”

Rives is a constitutional law attorney, radio host, and the author of “The Legal Basis for a Moral Constitution.”

Rives decried Schiff for “characterizing the outcome of the investigation” before any wrongdoing by the president has even been established, which invalidates his claims as “a key arbiter of the inquiry under the resolution” given “the pure bias Schiff has displayed” which also includes coordination with the Ukraine whistleblower among other actions.

Rives then outlined three main reasons why the Democratic-led impeachment inquiry is nothing but a “sham.”

“The Democrats do not even pretend that their impeachment game is fair or actually about finding the fact. This is simply about using a grant of power in the Constitution arbitrarily and politically, outside the bounds of due process and the purpose of that authority. Although the House does have the ‘sole power’ of impeachment, that is a grant of jurisdiction, not a license to proceed on purely partisan motivation,” Rives explained the first reason. “Article 1 must work coordinately and not inconsistently with Article 2, which provides the legal basis upon which a sitting president may be impeached.”

Pointing out that Schiff is a prime example of “media play” in the court of public opinion, Rives noted, “Transparency in the context of this quasi-judicial process is to provide fundamental fairness and due process for the president,” and that Democrats who are “so hellbent on blatantly refusing to allow Republican subpoenas and witnesses” explains why the so-called impeachment inquiry is invalid.

The third reason that highlights the lack of validity of the inquiry is that Democrats have made it public that their objective is to smear President Trump and incite hate, rather than establishing the crimes, or lack thereof, committed by the president.

“The Democrats are openly admitting that their goal is to try this in the media and attempt to dishonestly convince us that somehow we too should hate Donald Trump. They are hoping to convince us not to vote for him. That is not a legitimate or constitutional purpose of an impeachment. It is rather ironic that they claim his ‘crime’ is an alleged quid pro quo to gain political advantage, while they are manipulating the power of impeachment for their political advantage,” Rives wrote. “It is Schiff and other Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi [D-Calif.] who should be impeached. There is an actual constitutional basis for that.”

Rives concluded by highlighting the overarching goal of Schiff and Pelosi—to stage a “political coup against their adversaries,” rather than to prove to the public “real demonstrations of innocence or guilt.”

“Schiff is proving beyond a doubt that this entire impeachment is merely a coordinated partisan attack against President Trump and, even more importantly, against the government of the United States. There was a bipartisan effort was against impeachment, with two Democrats and all Republicans in the House voting against the inquiry,” Rives pointed out. “The Democrats are abusing the power of impeachment and, if they are allowed to move forward, they are not only setting a terrible precedent that impeachment can be wielded as a political weapon that it was never intended to be, but also attacking the Constitution and undermining the rule of law.”