Democrat senators should stop making political attacks and blocking federal relief funding to Americans affected by a deadly Asian virus, the Republican Hill committee for the U.S. Senate said.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) has slammed the Democratic Party for letting party politics delay a $1.4 trillion phase three stimulus package promised to help businesses and families devastated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus.

“[House Speaker Rep.] Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), [Sen.] Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), and senate Democrats allowed partisan fervor to thwart a critical coronavirus relief package while our country faces a crippling pandemic,” NRSC Communications Director Jesse Hunt said in a statement.

Hunt believes Schumer took advantage of the five Republican senators, who were in isolation because they recently tested positive to the CCP Virus, and allegedly used the Democrats’s voting power for his own political gain.

“DSCC-backed candidates last weekend had no problem throwing partisan barbs at the same Republican senators working day and night to find solutions to the complex problems facing their constituents at home,” he said. “Those same candidates should prove they are not beholden to their chief benefactor Schumer and disavow Senate Democrats’ unthinkable decision to filibuster.”

The senator explained his actions were motivated by the proposed package’s lack of worker protections and inadequate funding for primary health care services. Democrats also want food security aid, small business loans, and more than three months of unemployment insurance.

“We voted no on the McConnell-GOP bill because, among other problems, it includes huge bailouts without protections for people and workers and without accountability,” Schumer said on Twitter. “It [also] shortchanges our hospitals and health care workers who need our help. These changes need to be made.”

Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) blasted Schumer and his fellow Democrats for opposing the package.

He accused Pelosi of taking a “week off” and pouring “cold water” on the entire process according to Fox News. He also challenged Democratic senators to vote again on the motion to proceed with the bill “15 minutes after the markets open to see if there is a change of heart.”

“The build-up to this is that we had a high level of bipartisanship over the last 48 hours … and then, all of a sudden, the Democratic leader and the speaker of the House shows up … and we are back to square one,” he said according to the broadcaster. “I want everybody to understand that if we are not able to act tomorrow, it is because of our colleagues on the other side continue to dicker.”

McConnell reminded senators that Pelosi is the speaker of the House and “not the speaker of the Senate.”

“Hopefully some adults will show up on the other side of the room and understand the gravity of the situation before the markets go down further,” he said. “We have never been confronted by anything like this before.”

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