Former secret service agent and Fox News contributor Dan Bongino said Democratic Party members are beginning to “panic.”

As Democrats strive to organize an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump, this political observer said that concern continues to grow among their ranks.

The reason would be that the inspector general of the Department of Justice, Michael Horowitz, is preparing to publish his conclusions on the alleged illegal espionage operation to which President Trump was subjected during his campaign in 2016 by the Obama administration.

“They’re panicking because the IG report’s about to come out, which is about to expose a massive government spying operation against Donald Trump,” Bongino said Monday at Fox & Friends.

“Here’s the key takeaway—[the spying operation was] in collusion with foreign governments,” the former intelligence agent continued.

 “That’s why they’re panicking. And they’re panicking because… what the Obama administration did is 1,000 times worse than what they’re alleging Donald Trump did,” he emphasized.

Protect the presidency

Bongino also commented on the president’s current situation, noting that Donald Trump should make it a priority to protect his office against congressional legislators who plan to oust him at any cost.

“The first job of the president right now is to protect the presidency,” he said. “The White House counsel and others have to draw the line.”

He also made special mention of the Democratic representative from California who is leading the accusations against the president. “This is one of the sleaziest members of Congress, Adam Schiff,” he said.

“He went in front of the American people in a public hearing where people could look at a public transcript and literally lied about it, and then tried to cover his tracks,” Bongino said.

“This is a nationally televised, important hearing and he lied. He’s a liar, this guy,” he determined.

“Rep. Adam Schiff illegally made up a FAKE and terrible statement, pretended it to be mine as the most important part of my call to the Ukrainian president, and read it aloud to Congress and the American people,” President Trump said Monday in a tweet.

Along those lines, the president also wondered if Schiff should be arrested for treason, since he lied about the case that led to the impeachment that the Democrats are pushing against him.

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