A Democratic representative from Hawaii failed to acknowledge a left-leaning political protest movement was involved in civil unrest that swept across the nation.

Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) could not bring herself to admit antifa could very well be behind extreme “anarchist” protests that started after Minnesotan George Floyd died while in police custody on May 25. 

Ted Cruz (R-Texas) offered Hirono an opportunity to speak out against the militant and anti-right-wing group. With that, Hirono collected her papers, accused her colleague of being inattentive, and walked off-camera. “I think I have covered the subject quite well,” she said in a Twitter video. “You have not listened.”

Cruz concluded that Hirono was not going to speak up about the concerning links between antifa and the Black Lives Matter movement, which has been accused of staging violent street protests, looting businesses and vandalizing both historical and religious monuments. “Okay, she declined to speak so that is the position of the Democratic Party,” he said.

Cruz then stated the Republican Party’s position on the likely connection and the detrimental effect protesters would have on the African American lives they claim to protect. “If they succeeded with their stated number one objective of defunding and abolishing every police department, many, many more black lives would be lost,” he said. “Because more African Americans would be murdered without the police officers that bravely risk their lives to defend those communities.”

Cruz acknowledged the fundamental constitutional rights of every American, including African Americans, and pointed out antifa does not share those same values.

“Who is [behind] Black Lives Matter … [and] on the value proposition do Black Lives Matter?” he said. “Absolutely yes and our nation was founded on the proposition that all men are created equal regardless of race or skin color but the organization that has seized that name is very different.”

The Democrats have a colorful history of eyebrow-raising incidents, including Rep. Jerry Nadler’s latest impromptu interview with “Fleccas Listens” YouTuber Austen Fletcher. He denied that antifa was involved in anarchist protests.

“That is, that is, that is a myth that is being spread only in Washington D.C.,” Nadler said in the video.

The Democrat then started walking away from Fletcher while still being asked follow-up questions.

“Sir, there are videos everywhere online,” Fletcher said. “There are fires and riots, they are throwing fireworks at federal officers [and] the Department of Homeland Security is there [too].”

Nadler struggled to enter the back seat of a car and did not answer any further questions.

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