A controversial Democrat from Hawaii has been caught on camera being disrespectful to an accomplished judicial representative.

A video has gone viral of Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) making a rude gesture and speaking profanely about new U.S. Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

The footage shows several senators casting their votes with a simple “yes” or “no” before a face mask-clad Hirono approaches the Senate bench with her right thumb pointing down and shouting her disapproval.

“Hell no,” she can be heard saying on the video shared on Air.TV.

Hirono defended her decision not to support Barrett because she does not share the left-leaning view on killing unborn babies and universal health care.

“She has a long history of being anti-choice and an explicit willingness to reverse Supreme Court precedent—endangering the protections of Roe v. Wade,” Hirono said on Twitter. “She will vote to strike down the Affordable Care Act after being rushed on the Supreme Court in time to hear the case on Nov. 10. Millions of Americans will lose their health care—catastrophic in the middle of a pandemic.”

Hirono also strangely suggested Republicans had promised to wait until after the upcoming election to replace the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. However, the GOP and President Donald Trump have been very open about the plan to appoint a new justice before Election Day.

“Senate Republicans have gone back on their word about confirming a Supreme Court justice in an election year and disrespected the final, fervent wish of Justice Ginsburg to not be replaced until a new president is installed,”  she said.

Since the 52-48 vote was still in favor of appointing the new Supreme Court justice, Hirono will now battle to prevent Barrett’s new job from lasting the rest of her life.

“I oppose her nomination and will fight to deny her a lifetime position on the U.S. Supreme Court and, in doing so, will tell the American people the danger she poses to hard-won rights,” she said.

However, the president maintains he is simply carrying out the job the American people voted him to do at the last general election.

“The Constitution is the ultimate defense of American liberty [and] the faithful application of the law is the cornerstone of the Republic,” President Trump said according to The Daily Wire. “That is why, as president, I have no more solemn obligation and no greater honor than to appoint Supreme Court justices.”

Barrett was not moved by Hirono’s criticism and vowed to not be afraid of performing her new duties.

“I will do my job without any fear or favor,” she said according to The Daily Wire. “I love the Constitution and the democratic republic that it establishes, and I will devote myself to preserving it.”

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