Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is among the Democratic Party legislators who could lose their seat after the next Census in 2020.

According to data collected by the independent information portal The City, the 14th district of New York (Bronx – Queens), presided over by Ocasio-Cortez, could be vulnerable to a vote recount since little more than a quarter of its inhabitants are not registered as citizens.

The district has 47% foreign-born residents, the highest percentage compared to other congressional districts in the same state.

“Our strategy is all about building trust in the community before the enumerators even come to your door,” she said at an event in Parkchester in the central Bronx, New York, to encourage passersby to participate in the 2020 Census.

As The City points out, a complete census count not only ensures that the congresswoman’s district receives its fair share of funding and services, but it could also impact her political career.

Therefore, if the count does not favor the Ocasio-Cortez district, as well as other congressional seats in the same state, it could lead to those seats being removed.

According to an Election Data Service report, New York is already on track to lose two congressional seats due to a declining population and a slow rate of growth.

According to a presentation made last year by Jeff Behler, director of the state’s Regional Census Center, as of July 12, 28% of the 121,240 positions they need to work for the census in the New York area had been filled.

Naureen Akhter, deputy district director in the U.S. House of Representatives said that the district of Ocasio-Cortez is full of communities with concerns about the census process.

“We have a high immigrant population, a lot of undocumented folks, a lot of distrust from the community in the government,” Akhter said, according to The City.

Democrats who won districts in different states after President Trump won the 2016 election could also risk losing their congressional seats given their political party’s position in favor of removing the president.

As The Gateway Pundit points out, there are 31 Democrats representing the districts that President Trump won in 2016, but the constant attacks they have made to press for impeachment, which so far has only led to an increase in voter support for the president, could cause them to lose their seats.